Hermit Survived the Wilderness for Thirty Years, Can You?

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Hermit Survived the Wilderness for Thirty Years, Can You


Camping is fun.  But living in the woods is challenging.  The wilderness can be unforgiving.  And the elements can work against you if you are ill prepared. But that doesn’t matter for some accidental hermits.  One such is Christopher Knight in 1986.  He drove his car until it ran out of gas and into a forest.  Knight survived in the wilderness for thirty years.  He also didn’t speak to a soul until he was arrested for stealing food.  He had no survival skills, being that he was an avid book worm.  Vacationing in the wilderness is fun and possible.  Living in the wilderness is possible, but is it fun?  Or is it what a hermit needs to live in this chaotic and stressful world?  Knight’s story is unique.


Knight didn’t have a compass, and he didn’t have a map.  He also didn’t have much food.  What he did have was a makeshift tent. He had no plan and just left.  Seriously, he didn’t plan and he had no clue what he was doing.  He just did it.   He set up a makeshift tent.   But he just had the idea that he would forage the forest for berries and hunt his food. Yet he was near holiday cabins and chose instead to steal from them. He stole batteries, food, a camping stove, fuel and the occasional clothes. In thirty years, he committed more than one thousand burglaries.  He was careful and he watched.  The recluse and hermit stole what he needed to survive in the wilderness.

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The hermit listened to talk radio and would canoe in the rain and in the dark along the edge of the lake.  He remained hidden in the wilderness. But people knew of his presence and left notes asking if he needed anything. He never responded to their notes and he didn’t like stealing from people. He explained, “I was never lonely.  If you like solitude, you are never alone.”  He was sentenced to seven months in prison, which he has served.  He doesn’t like interviews and people call him the “North Pond Hermit.”  Perhaps a survived inspiration during stressful times?  Hopefully not too many will disappear into the forest after reading this.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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