Hearings Beat Up on Woman, Sexual Assault Alleged

Give a voice to the voiceless! Hearings Beat Up on Woman

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius held her own against a room full of angry old white men — themselves funded to the brim by insurance lobbyists and healthcare manufacturing lobbyists — who berated her for a problem that they themselves had had a big part in f*cking up: the debacle. For instance, they shut down the government at the point of the website’s launch, thereby making it unable to work correctly for two weeks (hundreds, if not thousands, of government contractors were furloughed for 16 days due to House Republicans’ stubbornness; this included the contractors working on the beleaguered site).

While many people across America have had problems navigating the admittedly buggy site, many others, such as yours truly, have had no problem at all signing up. In fact, your correspondent was able to get health care and dental care for around $100 a month.

A lot of Republican scare tactics have been used to try and get people scared of the Affordable Care Act, such as the fact that 2 million Americans would have their plans changed by Obamacare and would thus lose coverage.


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That’s not f*cking true. People’s plans will be changing, sure, but often for the better: with the Affordable Care Act YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR PLAN TO SOMETHING YOU LIKE. This is what happens when you overhaul something as massive as health care in a big f*cking country like America. It’s like asking everyone at a concert to move three feet to the left. Some people will lose their comfortable seats. But if they just look oh-so slightly to the left, and, you know, do some actual f*cking work instead of wasting air, they’ll be in a better place with a cheaper plan.

And their countrymen won’t be dying or going bankrupt due to preexisting medical conditions or be being price-raped by the current system.


As we mentioned yesterday, Montreal’s CGI Industries — who have a history of creating buggy sites and going over budget — were contracted to create the site. While it’s certainly noble of Sebelius to basically get shat upon during these hearings, it’s not her concrete fault and it’s not Obama’s direct fault either. There are a lot of things that contributed to the purported “failure” of the site; many of them were implemented by the GOP days, weeks and months ago.


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The Democrats shouldn’t f*cking stand for this. Grow some balls. Grow some government-supplied balls, amigos. Playing nice is for housewives and supporting characters in Cheever novels — there’s no way that Sebelius should be anger-bukkaked by a group of angry old white politicians just so they can go back to their shady Ayn Randian overlords. This is all dollars and cents, with nothing to do with the actual people of America actually getting health care.

Fuck me, man. If Belgium can do it, we can do it. And better. And we can make it bigger and shinier and make it play Kid Rock, too.

Learn to play with others, Republicans. Grow up.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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