Holiday Gift Guide For Health Nuts

Holiday Gift Guide For Health Nuts

Are you a health nut looking for the perfect holiday gifts? You should.

There are a few on every list. Ever-ruddy cheeks? Energy levels always abuzz (sometimes annoyingly so)? Finicky obsessiveness over what goes in their precious temple-bodies? Check, check and check. For health nuts, the more nutritious goodness crammed into a day, the happier they are — so get ’em stuff to health-max out all their waking hours. Bonus: health-conscious gifts need not be the newest, most unique items on shelves. Fulfill their everyday wish list with gadgets and tools they wanted but couldn’t shell out for.  Here, our top choices for the health-aware at every price point.

Flavors With Benefits

Health nuts are big on home cooking. It offers better control over what grub they’re shoveling in their bodies, plus the added assurance that ultra-powerful ninja-like nutrients are squeezed into each bite. This superfresh-looking wall herb garden flourishes with potent, leafy food toppers that are just a hop, step and snip away from each dish. With irrigators at the top, it’s also easy to water.

GroVert Free-Standing Herb Garden

Cost: $400

Buy It Here

(Can’t float that kinda cash? Try these lower-cost versions: Live Herb Garden, $39 , or Algreen Vertical Garden Planter, $79)

Bigger, Better Gulp

You’ve heard your health-nut friend say a gazillion times that hydration is key. Health geeks cart the good stuff wherever they go and can never have enough water bottles. This BPA-free one has a special spot for stashing juicy pieces of real fruit to taste-infuse the H2O. From cucumber slots to kiwi quarters and orange slices, it’s never been easier to make real-deal fruit-flavored water.

AdNArt Tritan Flavor Bottle

Cost: $13

Buy It Here

Met Their Matcha

When they’re not going on about straight-up water, they’re likely sucking down some fiercely health-boosting green tea. Up their game with Matcha tea. It’s likely too pricey to feed their everyday GT habit, so their eyes will light up for this beaming green powder that froths up nicely and turbocharges your body to feel good.

Teavana Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Cost: $35

Buy It Here

Blow Off Steam

Health nuts know that unlike fruits, certain veggies (we’re talkin’ spinach, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers) become even more nutritious when they’re heated. Yet, boiling strips away crispy, fresh texture (and taste). Enter the steamer: a must-have cooking gadget every bona fide health nut wants to own. Plus, this cool, collapsible steamer is no counter-space hog. Trust us, no dust will collect on these babies.

Aladdin Collapsible Steamer

Cost: 1 for $8; set of 3 for $16

Buy It Here

Garlic It Up, Babies

Card-carrying health zealots know garlic is seriously antibacterial and antiviral, with flavor to boot. Those on the health quest practically inhale garlic. While ultra aware of its intense immune-boosting abilities, many also know that crushing or chopping it enhances its superpowers. This handy-dandy garlic tool lends a welcome hand for even faster and easier garlic prep. Just don’t kiss the cook!

Chef’n Garlic Peel and Chop Set

Cost: $22

Buy It Here

Coolest Cutting Board … Ever

Chop on it, place hissing-hot dishes on it to cool, serve on it. This all-purpose kitchen tool also has an eye-popping rainbow-ring design.

Antony Joseph Colorful Rings Cutting Board

Cost: $25

Buy It Here

Just Breathe

Every super-health-conscious type (or wannabe) swears by daily stress redux, deeply understanding the link between stress and illness. They’re not about to let anxiety make them susceptible to sickness. We all know the holidays involve large doses of nerve-fraying circus (aka family) activity. When worry strikes, it takes just a strong whiff of citrus, cinnamon, pine tree or lavender to return to Zenland.

Limited Edition Christmas Essential Oil Set

Cost: $21

Buy It Here

Mix It Up

Colorful and so damn smart, these colorful kitchen tools are meticulously designed to fit efficiently into small spaces (hello, cozy — ahem, cramped — NYC studios).

Nest 9 Kitchenware Collection

Price: $50

Buy It Here

Juice It, Devour It

Of course you knew it was coming. No shocker here. Juicers are every health nut’s dream — but what we often forget is that these suckers are pricey. As a result, many health geeks settle for cheap blender options that turn superfoods like kale into green sludge rather than liquified juice. If you want your lovable health nut to adore you, get ’em that juicer they’ve secretly been pining for.

Omega 8004 Nutrition Center Juicer

Cost: $259

Buy It Here

Follow the Rainbow Recipe

Maybe you can’t go all out and get the juicer. You can get this golden book of juice recipes. Enough smoothie and juice formulas to pore over until … the next big occasion when you need to get your health nut a gift. Plus, as food zooms into liquid, they’ll be frothing at the mouth reading about all the health benefits each concoction provides.

The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Smoothies

Cost: $14

But It Here


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