It’s Summer, But I Hate Spring Happiness and You Should Too

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It's Summer, But I Hate Spring Happiness and You Should Too


Ok, so it is summer. Who cares?  Cause I hated the first day of spring, which occurred on a Friday of all days. I hated it for a lot of reasons but mostly because everyone was just so goddamned happy.  I generally love the spring. I love warm days. I LOVE sundresses. But this time around, this first day of spring, I was not a happy camper. For one, I was not camping. I would have loved to be camping on this one glorious sunny day. Here are some things that made me HATE the first day of spring.

1. As I already said, people were too happy everywhere.

2. As I also already said, I was not camping. I was in the city.

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3. And I wasn’t JUST in the city. I was at work. All day. Inside.

4. It because so hot so suddenly that I had WAY too many clothes and, by far, the wrong jacket. I also HATE having the wrong jacket.

5. I have SO MANY jackets that it is super dumb to ever walk out of the house in the wrong one. But it just got so hot so fast that I was not prepared.

6. So I had to go around carrying all my extra layers today. I HATE carrying around all the clothes I wish I had left at home. It makes your arms all hot and your armpits all sweaty and COVERS YOU UP even more from the sun. It’s just all around awful.


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7. The subways were both hot and cold simultaneously. Sometimes there was air conditioning and sometimes there was heat so it was a constant rollercoaster of temperatures. That is how you get sick, people! Changing temperature that much and that quickly is BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. So now I feel like I’m getting sick. THANKS A LOT SPRINGTIME.

8. The garbage smell came back. I believe this one is self-explanatory.

My point is: GET IT TOGETHER, EARTH. Pick a temperature and go with it. I don’t care which one you even pick. Just MAKE A CHOICE. Then I will finally be happy. I’m sure of it.  Happiness in reach!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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