A Good Guide of How to Break Up Better Now

A Good Guide of How to Break Up Better Now


Everybody breaks up, but hardly anyone does it well. I have broken up with people and I have been broken up with. I have pined for exes for months, and I have rebounded hard breakups with people that I then went on to date for years. I have broken up in lots of different ways and been broken up with all over the world. There are things that never change, and there are things that should.  Here are some tips to guide you in how to break up and be better now for it.

1. It’s ok to feel sad. Validate your sadness and just allow yourself to suffer…a little bit. Don’t let this phase go on too long, but let it sink in so you know you are feeling all of your feelings. This stage is important in making you feel ready to move on.

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2. Get some hobbies. Having hobbies is good, just like, in general, but it is specifically good when you are going through a break up. Your hobbies are your times to channel all that negative energy and turn it into something positive. Take up anything you want that will involve you whole body, mind and heart, so you are fully invested and involved during the time of participating in your hobby. I like dancing, making pottery, and painting.

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3. Have a healing plan. This isn’t just increasing your involvement in spa days. This is having a real plan to actively and intentionally MOVE ON. I like reading sad texts I’ve sent to friends a few weeks later and seeing how much better I am doing and how much I have grown since sending those texts.

4. Start dating? This one is tough because everyone is different. Some people are more ready sooner, but some people just aren’t. You are going to have to decide for yourself whether you feel like you are in good enough working order to go on dates, open up, and be vulnerable with someone new. If not today, that’s ok. Tomorrow is good too.

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