Group Calls Rose Parade Too Gay, Calls For Boycott

Group Calls Rose Parade Too Gay, Calls For Boycott

Rose parade was not effective

Rose parade is over and it’s produced no results. What if you called for a protest and nobody cared?

As if flowers and parades weren’t gay enough, a gay couple won the chance to be married atop a floral-clad float in this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade, held on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, Calif.

Entering a contest at a same-sex wedding expo last October, Aubrey Loots and Danny Leclair, both of California, will be married on live television with an estimated 80 million people from around the world looking on.

Cue the outrage from idiot groups concerned that a parade that showcases the best in florals has become suddenly too queer. A Facebook group called Boycott the Rose Parade has formed, and they are urging parade officials to reconsider.

And who can argue with the logic the group is spewing:

“Gay “marriage” is still illegal in over 30 states. Why would the Tournament of Roses promote something illegal like that? Pot smoking is legal in some states too, and some even claim it has medical benefits. What’s next for the Rose Parade? A float touting the benefits of smoking pot — with people actually smoking pot as it crawls down the parade route? This is just ridiculous and need to be stopped immediately.”


Apparently, gay couples everywhere run the risk of arrest should they tie the knot in, say, Oklahoma or Arkansas.

They go on to urge their followers to boycott businesses sponsoring the parade:

“Here is a quick list of sponsors: Please call them and ask them to protest this idiotic decision.
Disneyland, Hallmark, Kaiser Permanente, LA Times, Macy’s, Nike, Parsons, Public Storage, Tiffany & Company, American Airlines, CocaCola, Farmers Insurance, FTD Florists, Honda, Miracle Grow, Taco Bell, Lawrys, Mikimoto, Remo.”

Yes, I am sure your boycott of Disney and Tiffany’s will be hard-hitting and may well cause those two shoddy operations to shut down. So, yes, good luck there.

Honestly, I hate to give a group like this any credibility by even talking about them here. The real point is they’re ridiculous, and they deserve nothing more than an eye roll. They’re not serious people, so let’s not take them seriously. And no matter how annoying they can be, see it as a barometer of social change.

In a thoughtful piece on NPR, correspondent Ari Shapiro calls 2013 the gayest year ever. But he closes by saying that 2012 was also considered the gayest year ever, and 2011 before that. The needle continues to move on the equality dial, and moves decidedly in our favor.

There will be setbacks and hiccups — again, do not take seriously “Duck Dynasty” and their headline-grabbing statement. But protests like these — a hillbilly spouting off or and ill-conceived boycott — seems to be the best the opposition can muster these days. The equality genie will not go back into the bottle. We practically yawn now as another state gives its blessing to same-sex marriage. But, when it comes to bullies and pests, the best approach may be to laugh at them.

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