Grandparents Busted for Possession, Massive Weed Stash

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Grandparents Busted for Possession, Massive Weed Stash


I don’t know about you but I really thought my grandparents were terrific growing up.  When giving gifts at any time, they usually gave us cash and candies.  That’s pretty great.  But not as great as these grandparents in Nebraska. They were heading to Vermont for the holidays.  But Police stopped them for a traffic violation.  Unfortunately for these grandparents, police arrested them for drug possession.  Possession of a sixty pound weed stash.


So, sixty pounds of marijuana is a heck of a lot of marijuana.  That’s a street value of about $336,000.  For stoners who can’t do math, that’s more than a quarter of a million dollars.  But these grandparents said that all this marijuana was intended as gifts for friends and families!  That’s a lot of green to spread around.  First, how many friends and family do these people have? Second, what kind of gift exchange are they involved in?  They give a bit of cannabis and they receive a box of cookies?  Maybe some insane brownies?  These are probably the hippest but not the brightest grandparents around. Who gets arrested for possession just days before the holiday break?  Not my grandparents.

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These weed gifting geezers are eighty and seventy.  Police charged them with possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver the goods.  They also did not have a drug tax stamp.  So, those are two felonies.  Grandpa Patrick Jiron posted one tenth of a ten-thousand-dollar bond.  So authorities released him.  Police also cited his wife, Barbara.  But she not jailed due to medical issues not disclosed.  Perhaps she was stoned out of her mind?


So, how do you lose sixty pounds in in sixty days?   Probably not by smoking the weed stash.  Or maybe smoking the weed?  But then, well, the munchies may get you eating and gaining sixty pounds.  So, it’s a lose-lose situation if you go that route.  I don’t think these marijuana possession geezers were on a diet.  But they will be soon enough.

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