Vegans Have More Parasites than Fast Food Nation Dude

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Be Fresh, Wash Your Long Zucchini and Fat Eggplant


You may think eating fresh veggies is good for you.  And maybe at some point in history it totally was.  But, things have changed.  So if you’re thinking of eating more raw veggies, take note!  I do every year, especially after getting crazy with over eating during the holidays.  But it’s all about the clean veggie.  If you aren’t taking the extra time to wash those veggies, you better cook them.  But if you do have time, you should follow our advice.  Because who needs parasites floating around their system?  You should be enjoying your long zucchini and fat eggplant anytime.  And we’re not trying to be fresh here.  Vegans who only wash their veggies in water have more parasites than that guy from Fast Food Nation.


You don’t need to buy some kind of fancy veggie and fruit wash spray.  Just buy thirty-five percent food grade hydrogen peroxide.  This is easy to find in your health food store or online. If you want to be extra cautious, and already have the fancy food wash, go ahead and wash your food with that first.  Then, do this to your long zucchini, fat eggplant and juicy melons.  But we’re not just saying it to be fresh, just honest.

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Fill your basin or a big bowl of filtered water and add about a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide.  Then add your fruit and/or veggies.  Keep them there for about fifteen minutes.  Put in those bushy broccoli, long zucchini, fat eggplants and anything else your heart or stomach desires. If you want berries or ripe peaches, then five minutes will be fine.  But then rinse it all!  Lay out your fruit and veggies to dry.  Make sure to refrigerate them if you don’t use them right away. Your long zucchini and fat eggplant will not wrinkle or wither.  They will actually have a longer shelf life and they will be fresh!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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