Fraud, Lies, Unqualified CFTC Nominee Chris Brummer Dupes Senator Mitch McConnell

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Fraud, Lies, Unqualified CFTC Nominee Chris Brummer Dupes Senator Mitch McConnell
Fraud, Lies, Unqualified CFTC Nominee Chris Brummer Dupes Senator Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell, Duped by the CFTC nominee Chris Brummer fraud?

MITCH MCCONNELL, the Republican senator was played. How to dupe the well-regarded majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell into backing an unqualified Democrat Party CFTC nominee?

The nutty professor Chris Brummer, aka Dr. Bratwurst has the answer: “Jam Mitch McConnell in the last hour before the Senate recess and blind his staffer Neil Chatterjee!”

The notorious CFTC nominee, embattled imbecile professor Chris Brummer may have landed himself in serious political hot water for misleading the Senate majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell and a senior McConnell staffer Neil Chatterjee.

Forbes Magazine: Lying to the FBI, FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Implicated in Fraud, Financier Fights Back Against FINRA Abuse

The latest “pay to play” scandal involving the dubious CFTC nominee Chris Brummer has spread like the Zika virus beyond the familiar Clinton Foundation playbook of deceit and corruption. The Chris Brummer “time bomb” was finally dropped on the laps of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

The latest revelation of troubling political favoritism and outright fraud may have implicated Chris Brummer and deeply humiliated Senate staffers with the offices of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS).

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CFTC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is the nation’s top regulator for the commodity markets. CFTC commissioners are supposed to be financial experts with deep knowledge of America’s agriculture industry. Unfortunately, the Arkansas-born Chris Brummer’s only claim of an agricultural background is chasing wild boars in the Arkansas mountains.

Senate sources have also confirmed that Chris Brummer has such lousy credit history. He is so buried in debts that the man can hardly balance his own checkbook!

On September 28, 2016, the Senate Agriculture Committee chaired by Senator Pat Roberts reported out the nomination of Chris Brummer as a CFTC Commissioner. Senator Pat Roberts’ decision came as a shocker to the world. Several Democrat and Republican advisers present at the September 15 Senate Ag Committee confirmation hearing have confirmed that the Republican Senator Mitch McConnell may run a “hotline” seeking full Senate consent on September 29, 2016.


Stephen Rex Brown, NY Daily News Reporter Has Psychic Touch Exposing Georgetown Professor Chris Brummer Fraud


If the “hotline” gets too hot to bear for the Dr. Chris Brummer fraud, McConnell staff has recommended that McConnell drop a sneaky “nuclear bomb” on the Senate floor through UC (“Unanimous Consent”) – a verbal confirmation “shortcut” circumventing the requirements of a unanimous Senate approval. So far, Senator Mitch McConnell has put the lousy idea on hold until at least after the presidential election in November.

“When the new boss is in the White House, Chris Brummer will be dumped like trash anyway. Why dirty up Leader McConnell’s hands?” said a source.

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Neil Chatterjee, a well-regarded Senator McConnell staffer duped by Dr. Bratwurst – Chris Brummer

“While Senator McConnell’s decision to dump Chris Brummer into the “icebox” deserves applause, sources say McConnell senior staffer Neil Chatterjee gets the credit for protecting his boss McConnell against the Chris Brummer fraud.”

Sources say Neil Chatterjee, a reputed McConnell adviser and a Kentucky native known as a straight shooter has grave concerns over Chris Brummer’s qualifications as a CFTC commissioner.

Neil Chatterjee was blunt, according to sources close to him: “Look, Chris Brummer is unqualified for the CFTC job. Chris Brummer has no ag, has a lousy credit history, no experience, never donated a dollar to any politically party, the man is cheap as hell and he is totally broke.”

Meanwhile, Neil Chatterjee’s long time family friend, the CFTC Republican nominee Brian Quintenz is stuck in the mud along with Brummer.

The Qualified Brian Quintenz vs. Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer

CFTC nominee Brian Quintenz is a 20-year veteran of the commodity trading business. Brian Quintenz is a successful entrepreneur. Just recently emerged from a nasty divorce, Brian Quintenz is eager to replenish his bank account and start a new career as a CFTC commissioner, if confirmed by the Senate. By any fair measure, Mr. Quintenz is no Gary Gensler, the former Chairman of the CFTC and a commodity industry legend. But at a minimum, Brian Quintenz, an Ohio native is a well-liked, honest family man with deep commodity industry experience.


BREAKING: Brian Quintenz, CFTC Commissioner Dumps Disgraced Georgetown Law Center Fraudster Chris Brummer

On the Democrat side, the shady Professor Chris Brummer pales like a “snow white” dancing with the dwarfs. Chris Brummer is a big mess and a total fraud:

Dr. Chris Brummer – Dr. Bratwurst holds a PhD in “Germanic Studies” – the learning of German folklore dances with naked European women (or men), grilling Bratwurst sausages while drinking beer at Oktoberfest.

The media exposure of a controversial history of sex, lies and fraud allegations against Chris Brummer has enraged the Dr. Bratwurst so much that in 2015, Chris Brummer vowed to shut down the internet and muzzle the free press – until his attempt fizzled in a humiliating New York court defeat.


Neil Chatterjee has not responded to media inquiry. Others are ready to talk “off the record.”

“Professor Chris Brummer has some nasty baggage. The notorious Chris Brummer may be broadly known as ‘Dr. Bratwurst sausage,’ but he has zero experience required for a CFTC commissioner,” said an anonymous Senate source.

“Chris Brummer’s poor credit history is also troubling. This is someone who barely survives on the the verge of bankruptcy. A homeless loser like Chris Brummer wants to regulate the CFTC financial markets? Hell no! He can hardly stop over-drafting his own bank accounts!”

Chris Brummer, a criminal Michael Milken front, poison to the CFTC

Sources say the idea of getting Brummer confirmed will be strongly contested by at least half a dozen senators concerned about Senator Roberts and Senator Mitch McConnell selling out to special interest with deep pockets – reflected in Professor Chris Brummer’s money man, the convicted stock criminal Michael Milken, exposed by the LA Times. 



Michael Milken is a top donor to the controversial Clinton Foundation, whose financial contribution has bought Brummer’s CFTC nomination by the White House – as a favor to Milken.

In the 1980s, Michael Milken was the “king of junk” and a convicted felon sent to 10 years in prison. After Milken was barred for life by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the heat has been on Milken to keep his hands off the financial markets. Sources say the felon Michael Milken has since recruited Chris Brummer as his mouthpiece to manipulate the CFTC, which is outside the SEC’s regulatory purview. Chris Brummer has never denied that fact that he’s been on Milken’s payroll for many years. In 2015, the SEC fined Milken $45 million for violating his life time bar. Between Michael Milken and Chris Brummer, it’s a perfect match in a Washington zoo – a “pig” and his “lipstick.”


A political horse trade in a DC “horse show”

Just the appearance of associating a CFTC financial regulator with a convicted felon should be enough to alarm anyone. Chris Brummer somehow feels that he is an exception to the rules: Brummer needs the money to stay afloat… Many are outraged:

Selling out to a criminal like Michael Milken may be unsavory for Chris Brummer. Selling out a CFTC position and harming America’s farmers is treason!


Michael Milken’s dark shadow behind Chris Brummer came to light when Brummer’s CFTC nomination was publicly announced.

“A deal was struck in the typical fashion of Washington backroom dealings: Senator McConnell’s Neil Chatterjee wants Brian Quintenz to be confirmed; the felon Michael Milken wants the Dr. Bratwurst – Chris Brummer.”

Regardless whether Brian Quintenz is unfairly tainted by Brummer’s notoriety, America’s farmers are sacked by a smelly horse trade…

A political plot against America’s farmers

In light of the latest development, investigative reporters have reached out to the offices of Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Pat Roberts seeking comments about Chris Brummer. Neil Chatterjee has not respond to media inquiry. Jackie Cottrell, Katherine Knight and Meghan Cline with Senator Pat Roberts’ office declined to comment. While America’s farmers are getting sacked with the Dr. Bratwurst – Chris Brummer, these questions lobbed at the Senators offices may have just opened the Chris Brummer “Pandora’s Box:”


1. Senator Roberts is a very well respected Republican Senator known as a someone who keeps his word.  In approving Chris Brummer, has Senator Roberts reneged on his promises to America’s famers by approving an unqualified nominee? Senator Roberts’ statement is on the record: “…For the CFTC to effectively function for all stakeholders, we must make sure nominees have a solid understanding of agriculture and prioritize the folks who use the futures and derivatives markets to manage risk.


Georgetown Law Professors Protest Sessions, But Chris Brummer Silent

2. Professor Chris Brummer has zero experience in agriclture. His entire career is a straight line between a college degree and teaching in a classroom – no experience of anything else. Dr. Chris Brummer in fact has a laughable PhD in “Germanic Studies” – the learning of German opera, grilling Bratwurst and drinking dark beer during Octoberfest. How does his pleasure-filled degree in German culture make him a person of “solid understanding of agriculture,” required by Senator Roberts, in his own words? Some believe Senator Roberts has betrayed America’s farmers by breaking his own promises. Your comments?

3. For years, Professor Chris Brummer has been on the payroll of the criminal Michael Milken as a Milken spokesman. Sources have confirmed that Mr. Milken’s money and political influence through the Clinton Foundation directly led to Brummer’s CFTC nomination. Why isn’t Senator Roberts concerned about Brummer’s tainted background and his close association with a felon? Is it appropriate for a financial regulator to be so closely linked to a financial criminal?


4. Sources say Professor Chris Brummer has a miserable credit history – loaded with debts and unsatisfied obligations. We have heard Majority leader McConnell’s office has been alerted to  Brummer’s poor financial standing. How could a person living way beyond his means bordering bankruptcy be qualified as a CFTC regulator? Isn’t that a national security concern?

5. During Brummer’s confirmation hearing, Senator Roberts said on the record that Mr. Brummer had a history of supporting loose financial regulations. “…Then why do you want the job as a CFTC regulator?” asked Senator Roberts. What has made Senator Roberts change his mind in a few days about Brummer since the confirmation hearing?


BREAKING: Chris Brummer, Phony Georgetown Law Professor Got Caught Looting the Government

6. Sources have confirmed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been pushing the approval of former House aide Brian Quintenz, the Republican CFTC nominee.  Mr. Quintenz needs this job, but we do believe he is moderately qualified based on his years in the industry. Mr. Brummer, the Democrat nominee simply tagged along as a result of the political compromise struck by Leader McConnell to get Mr. Quintenz approved. Could you please confirm this political maneuvering?

“At press time, thanks to Sen McConnell staffer Neil Chatterjee, the Dr. Chris Brummer is still grilling Bratwurst in his own backyard.”

When November comes, America’s farmers should be up in arms making sure the Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer is not going to “burn down” the CFTC or America’s commodity markets. Dr. Brummer – Dr. Bratwurst is a “Dr. Phony.”


Affairs, Fraud, Lies Sink CFTC Nominee Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law ‘Dr. Bratwurst’

Also on high alert are The Wall Street Journal and POLITICO reporters who have been keeping track of the latest development in CFTC nominations.

Transparency and accountability are the bedrocks of the American democracy. The media must hold the Washington hypocrites accountable for any abuses of power.

The microscope is on the Senators and Senate staffers. The drum beat is on Chris Brummer…

Give a voice to the voiceless!


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