For Sale: One Royal Baby, Sightly Used…

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For Sale One Royal Baby, Sightly Used...

Is the UK royal baby for sale? What is the price on his head? According to UK betting giant William Hill, people are wagering serious dough on the royal birth:  Will it be a boy or girl? Whom will it be named after? What color hair/eyes?  A little bit of family history research, and a basic understanding of genetics, can get you some pretty decent odds.

Hill offers 10:11 odds that the baby will be named either William or Kate.  Not much thrill for your typical gambling junkie, but there are more daring options for the adventurous!

Ladbrokes, another UK gambling firm, offers some creative opportunities: Which magazine will land the first photo rights? OK! magazine is the favorite (or is it favourite?) at 5:2, ahead of Vogue, 5:1.


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Online betting service Paddy Power offers some long-term gambles: e.g. How old Kate and William’s child will be when the first tabloid publishes a photograph of him or her leaving a nightclub that serves alcohol? 10:11 for 16 or under, 10:11 for ages 17-18 and 16:1 for 19 or over. Patience, will pay off…maybe.

If you really want to just flush your money down the toilet, Ladbrokes is offering 50/1 odds that the royal baby will make an appearance in Downton Abbey.  Paddy Power also offers 5:2 odds that the baby has black hair, even though it’s sort of genetically impossible.

Currently, the most heavily wagered names (according to Hill) are Mary (10:1) and Eleanor (12:1), followed by Alexandra (5:2), Charlotte (4:1), Elizabeth (5:1), Diana (6:1) and Victoria (7:1).  Apparently, there has been a surge in wagers on female names in recent days–did someone get a peak at the ultrasound or did Kate do the pencil test?


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Hill is anticipating as much as 150k pound stirling in wagers based on the royal birth, with countless thousands more via unregulated platforms. We assume he’s also secretly hoping for a second child to bank again on the royal windfall.

With the birth expected any day now, get your wagers in. Cheerio!

Give a voice to the voiceless!


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