Fire Breaks out at Trump Tower and Nobody Cares

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Fire Breaks out at Trump Tower and Nobody Cares


 Why are we not outraged that this “well-built building” Trump Tower has sustained TWO, count ‘em, TWO fires, in four months? Why are the residents not in an uproar that there are no sprinkler systems on the upper floors? If it were me, I would be speaking out. COME ON PEOPLE GET ON THIS.



            I was not in New York when I saw on Facebook that Trump Tower on 5th Avenue was, once again, ablaze. I immediately took to Twitter to see if there was any new information, and I found video after video of flames licking the outside of the building and debris falling from the 50th floor. It was terrifying and I couldn’t imagine being one of the residents of this so-called “well-built building.”

Twenty-four hours later I read that a man has actually died because of this shit-hole building we call “luxury,” and all I can think is, how is Trump not being questioned about this? Why is he not being held accountable? A man has DIED in a building with his stupid name on it because he did not provide for proper fire safety. This is an outrage and I should not be the only one saying it.

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Man Smoke Bombs Skunks, Burns Down Home

One elderly resident called her son from her 36th floor apartment to say goodbye, she didn’t think she would make it. The apartment smelled of smoke and no announcement had been made about evacuation. She called the front desk and no one answered.

Another man also smelled smoke. But he didn’t leave his apartment because no alarm had gone off. Then he got a text. From Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, asking him, “Are you in the building?” The man said yes and Cohen texted, “You’d better get out ASAP.” That is the only reason this man knew to leave his apartment and evacuate.

First of all: the president’s PERSONAL LAWYER should not be the only reason a man knows to leave a building that is on fire. There should be alarms ringing through the air, sprinkler systems should automatically turn on, the front desk should set up an automated response telling residents to get out and leave due to the fire. There should be a proper PROTOCOL.

Instead. We have Michael Cohen. The same man who paid Stormy Daniels 130k for her silence on Trump’s behalf. Texting residents personally and telling them to evacuate. What is going on here? Why is Trump’s lawyer so intertwined in his affaires? Why does his name keep coming up in Trump-related instances.

Trump should be held accountable for building shoddy buildings (can’t wait for that fence, I mean, wall), and we should all be asking more questions of this Mr. Michael Cohen. I, for one, am not convinced that he is just some innocent “friend.” Who would actually be friends with Trump.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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