Fifty Shades of Cray: Week of Dec. 22, 2013

Roddy Boyd Knows, Celibacy Syndrome in Japan Spreads to U.S.

The Cray tabloid Roddy Boyd knows

We hope you’ve all had lovely holiday breaks, filled with family, food and presents you didn’t want to throw into the fireplace that make you cray. We should all be grateful that we even got presents, as elsewhere in the world things were a little less festive. This week, civil war loomed over South Sudan and government-ordered air raids killed hundreds of people in the Syrian city of Aleppo. (Bet you’re feeling kind of silly now for getting upset over the salad spinner your husband got you for Christmas.) While global news gives us a little sobering perspective, we can roll our eyes at what’s happening on our own turf, especially when it comes to characters like George Zimmerman and states like Florida and Alabama. Read all the craziness here in our latest Fifty Shades of Cray chart.

Chris Christie did about as well as he could, given the circumstances. All he can do now is wait, and hope it passes without many more revelations.

That was the sentiment coming from people who wanted to offer support to the Republican governor of New Jersey, a man whose sky-high political stock took a hit in the last week over a bizarre, seemingly picayune story about closed traffic lanes on a bridge.

A day after many Republicans were wondering whether their possible 2016 standard-bearer was on the brink of implosion, Christie quieted the anxiety with a forceful performance in which he apologized profusely and let go two top advisers. But the positive reviews came with a big caveat: Christie was so adamant about his noninvolvement in the bridge scandal that any proof otherwise down the road could be his political undoing.

Many Republicans familiar with Christie’s world privately predicted the biggest difficulty he will face over the next six months is the reordering of his inner circle after he ousted longtime aide Bill Stepien over his emails concerning the lane closures. Christie, whose supply of close aides is short, had relied on Stepien for many years.

The loss comes just as Christie is trying to transition from local sensation to true national figure.

But the immediate challenge for Christie — issuing a credible, full-throated mea culpa and showing heads were indeed rolling — was, by most accounts, met.

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