With New York Fashion Week looming, it's only fitting that Gazelle Paulo chose Brazilian-born fashion model Barbara Berger as this month's Style Master. (RichardMachado.net photo)
With New York Fashion Week looming, it’s only fitting that Gazelle Paulo chose Brazilian-born fashion model Barbara Berger as this month’s Style Master. (RichardMachado.net photo)

A few weeks ago, I was able to witness model Barbara Berger being photographed by Brazilian photographer Richard Machado in his Tribeca studio for a spring/summer magazine spread.

Barbara, who is also Brazilian-born from Passo Fundo, arrived looking very relaxed with the main piece of her look being a leather jacket. “I think leather in general has a powerful look,” she explained, and after a makeup and hair session, Barbara was transformed into a glamazon goddess for Richard’s lenses.

When I asked her what she loves about New York, her reply came easy. “Walk, walk and walk — the freedom to not have to need a car.” For seven continuous years, she’s divided her time between Brazil, New York, Paris and London … or wherever her modeling career takes her. Barbara has walked in pretty much every major fashion show in New York, including DVF, Nicole Miller, Diesel, Carlos Miele, BCBG, Jill Stuart, Chado Ralph Rucci and many others. “I can’t remember the first one,” she confessed, adding that it was “maybe Tommy Hilfiger”  as Richard readjusted the light on her gorgeous face.

Models are the most interesting and visually powerful creatures; they switch on and off the right attitude and glamour as needed. And, because New York Fashion Week is just days away, we at TheBlot Magazine decided that a real fashion model would be a good idea for our February Style Master feature. If you check Barbara Berger’s portfolio at IMG Models, you will understand why she is a perfect choice.

by Richard Machado 1
(RichardMachado.net photo)
Richard Machado steps out from behind his lens to pose with Berger. (RichardMachado.net photo)
Richard Machado steps out from behind his lens to pose with Berger. (RichardMachado.net photo)

Gazelle Paulo: Barbara, please describe your style with your own words.

Barbara Berger:
My style is simple and cool. I like to dress in a way that is not too flashy, but that it cannot pass unnoticeable at the same time!

Do you have any peculiar fashion habits?

Yes, not to follow trends. If I see something I like, I will wear it. I will not wear something just because is a trend.

How important has fashion and style been to you?

Really important. As a model, I have to know everything that is going on — and I love it!

What was the defining fashion moment in your life/career?

When I first met Giorgio Armani; he was nice and sweet with me. After I met him, I realize how important it is to know people who you are working with and how human they are at the same time.

Who are the most elegant woman and man of all time?

Angelina Jolie and Tom Ford.

Fashionably speaking, if you could have a second chance to give another first impression, when and why?

So many [laughs]. I guess all my first castings, if I could go back, I would do it differently for sure. I didn’t had any fashion information at that time.

(RichardMachado.net photo)
(RichardMachado.net photo)

What is your favorite store in the world and your favorite in New York City?

Givenchy and Barneys.

What was the most spectacular party you attended?

Love all of them … people take parties really serious these days. They are all incredible to me, especially when you are in good company.

If you could style one person, who would be the lucky one?

I don’t think I could style anyone. It’s a hard thing to do, but I love when people get inspired by the way I dress myself.

What is the perfect attire for the eternal sleep?

A nice silk white camisole.

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Gazelle Paulo is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine. Follow him on Twitter and FreakChic.

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