TheBlot Magazine Exclusive: Bombshell Actress Tells All About Her: Deep Sexual Connection to John Cusack

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TheBlot Magazine Exclusive Bombshell Actress Interview: Her 'Deep Sexual Connection' to John Cusack
TheBlot Magazine Exclusive Bombshell Actress Interview: Her ‘Deep Sexual Connection’ to John Cusack

In a TheBlot Magazine exclusive interview, an actress reveals sexual connection to the handsome actor John Cusack.

Rebecca Da Costa plays Rivka, the long-legged femme fatale who doubles as an action figure in “The Bag Man.” The movie boasts big talent: Robert De Niro as Dragna, a crime boss big-wig wearing a big wig. John Cusack plays Jack, our protagonist. Jack is hired by Dragna to fetch a bag and ordered to never look inside. Dragna sends Jack to a remote location full of oddballs. Crispin Glover is perfect as Ned, the wheelchair-bound eccentric and manager of a seedy hotel.

Twists, turns and clichés abound. The film quality is dark and fuzzyish, and I lost interest in where it was going. First time writer/director David Grovic will hopefully get a chance to do better. My favorite thing about the film is getting to interview the dazzling, talented Da Costa.

Dors: Growing up, were you aware of how beautiful you were?

Rebecca Da Costa: Not at all. Until I was 17 I thought I was ugly. I was very tall. At 13, I was 5’11”. I come from a part in Brazil where the average height for women is 5’3″. It wasn’t fun at all to be the tallest one in school.

Were you bullied?

Oh yeah. They called me Olive Oyl, giraffe, and all the nicknames you can imagine. Children can be very cruel. But I have a tough, strong mom who kept saying, “Don’t worry. You’re beautiful.” Then at 14, I won a modeling contest in my hometown. It was amazing to see other girls like me — skinny, tall, different. That’s when I started to get comfortable in my own skin, and by 17 I started to find my identity.


If you had to describe yourself what would you say?

I’m funny. I like to think that I’m smart. I’m open. I love connecting with people. That’s my mission in life. That’s why I love to travel, to explore, without even speaking the language.

You must be brave, too. You did your own stunts, correct?

Yes, my stunt double didn’t work out, and because I’m so tall they couldn’t find somebody fast enough. I had to train for a week to make sure I wouldn’t hurt myself. It was a lot of fun.

How would you describe Robert De Niro?

He’s a man of few words and very humble, a simple man. I even forgot who he was because he made me feel so comfortable. One scene there was only supposed to be dialogue. But on location they had this big, beautiful harp. He asked me, “How do you feel about playing harp?” I said, “I have no idea how to play, but let’s try.” That scene turned out amazing. It’s funny; his wife is very outspoken, lively, the total opposite of him.

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How was it working with John Cusack?

Oh my god. I am the biggest fan of that man right now. He’s so passionate about the craft of acting. He gave me so many devices. He took care of me. He was always making sure I was comfortable, always checking on me, always asking my opinion. Every time we’d do a scene he’d come back to me after and say, “Rebecca, what do you think? Do you think I should do something different?” He said, “The most important thing is our connection. Doesn’t matter anything else. If our connection is real, everything else is gonna fall into place.”

Did you find yourself attracted to him?

We have this deep sexual connection in the movie, so yes. I mean he is very good-looking and very tall — 6’4″ — and strong. So yes, part of me was very attracted for sure.

What did you draw on to play a bipolar woman in “Breaking at the Edge”?

I imagined people that suffer from mental illness and talked to many psychiatrists. I didn’t want to look like I was trying to play crazy. I wanted to understand what it’s like to be losing your mind. It must be a horrible place to be.

In that movie, she goes off her medication because she is pregnant, right?

Yes. Then she becomes like schizophrenic.

Did Ethan Peck talk about his famous grandfather?

Ethan and I were in “Mine Games.” He’s a quiet guy and smart. He didn’t talk much about his grandfather, but he sounds exactly like Gregory Peck and looks like him.

You recently went through a breakup. Was it because your career is taking off?

No. It wasn’t like that. We’re still best friends. We tried for many years, but it just didn’t work out. We both decided it was best to move on.


Who do you want to win the Oscars?

Between the guys, at first I was really going for Matthew McConaughey for “Dallas Buyers Club,” but then I saw Leo [DiCaprio] in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and now it’s hard to pick one. Between the women, I hope Lupita [Nyong’o] wins best supporting. I want Cate Blanchett to win best actress. I saw “Blue Jasmine” three times!

Who would you pick for best supporting actor?

Jared Leto for sure.

“The Bag Man” hits theaters and iTunes on Feb. 28. Crime thriller drama. Rated R. 110 minutes. Watch the trailer below.

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