Must Read: Easy to Use Travel Hacks for Every Occasion

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Easy to Use Travel Hacks for Every Occasion


When traveling, it is especially important to find all the travel hacks. If you’re not doing this, you are traveling wrong.   I love to travel, but I often to the first thing I think of when it comes to booking flights, choosing a place to stay, deciding on where to eat. This is clearly not the best way to travel, so I recently found some great travel hacks that I am going to start implementing in my travel planning stage.  They are great to use for every travel occasion.

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1. How to fly cheaper.  Sign up for the right credit cards that can get you great deals on cash back and transferrable miles.  But fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and try to mix and match airlines and airports.


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2. How to stay for cheaper – it might seem like the best move is booking a hotel or room through an app or online site. WRONG! The best thing to do is actually call up hotels. They will be able to give you deals you can’t get online because they are humans who really want you to book a room with them.

3. How to travel safe – getting the right credit card might slip your mind if you’re stressed pre-trip, but it’s super important to get a card that you can use wherever you are going that won’t get you stuck somewhere foreign with no money and no way to get any.


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4. Know your rights – if you get stopped at border control, know what your rights are. If you think you might get stopped, try to hire a lawyer beforehand. So this way they are waiting for you at the airport, should you need them.

How to fly unafraid – know the stats! So it is actually super unlikely that you will be involved in a plane accident.  And it is even true that 95 percent of people involved in airline accidents actually survive.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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