Don’t Be So Bull, Bullshit: Rich White Ladies’ ‘Wimbeldon’ Is Your New Favorite Song

Don't Be So Bull, Bullshit Rich White Ladies' 'Wimbeldon' Is Your New Favorite Song

The new rap sheet song Winbeldon is catching fire.

Now presenting … the spectacular social media socialites Rich White Ladies.

With musicians moving toward social media, Tokyo Diiva and Scotty Rebel, aka Rich White Ladies, are proving it’s all about the music video. Their unique brand of music can best be described as ratchet fabulous. They blend the type of ratchet beats and hardcore rhyming skills you’d expect on underground mixed tapes with cultural commentary about the upper echelon of society. Their videos blur the line between high camp comedy and high production value music videos. They’ve struck the perfect balance for social media stardom.


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What the fuck is that? All you really know is it’s your new favorite song, and that video is amazing. The contents of a Williamsburg nightclub spilled out over a country club, twerking on the tennis courts, well-timed Billie Jean King references … it’s all genius. Did they really use the name of tennis star and former stab victim Monica Seles? Either way, it’s clear that these girls have an understanding of what makes a successful video. Their song is insanely catchy, well-written and well-produced. Their video has a high enough production value and has over-the-top costumes and strange happenings to make it something you have to share.



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The only thing that’s really unexpected is the very savvy cultural commentary. Here’s two young women of color who identify as Rich White Ladies. Does that make them trans-economical? Probably not. But they are saying something major about the state of class issues in this country. The American Dream seems to have a case of edema. Now not only are people expected to own homes and have children but also rock an Escalade, have some modicum of celebrity and own a private jet. These girls are clearly lampooning this world while still acknowledging that they want their piece of the pie. Cue the theme song from “The Jeffersons.”

The girls burst onto the scene one year ago with their viral video for “One Percent.” Now they have the song of the summer and a huge following with “Wimbeldon.” It’s clear these girls are savvy. You stumble upon one video and fall down a rabbit hole of high fashion, conceptual art and bright colors. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Both girls have singles in their own right, but together they seem unstoppable. Meanwhile, we anxiously await their album with an ode to watercress sandwiches and songs about opera and croquet.

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