Are Dogs the Future of Fashion?

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Dogs Are the Future of Fashion

Dogs and fashion? Yes, that’s the trend.

It is not a secret that here at TheBlot Magazine – never be boring, we adore these creatures called dogs. They bring love and excitement to our busy lives, and they are a necessary part of them. We already brought you the Pups on the Runway Halloween Costume Ball, and we also introduced you to the fantastic senior dog Susie, who has a very inspirational story — her famous page on Facebook, Susie’s Senior Dogs, is indeed proof that it is never really too late to adopt and love an older dog.

Now, we have a new superstar face arriving on the block, and her name is Goldie Van Schoonhoven. Goldie was unleashed onto the fashion scene by beauty expert Mary Alice Stephenson, who has razor-sharp style radar and is the mastermind behind the amazing program GLAM4GOOD . Goldie is an 8-pound Chihuahua living in Brooklyn, and she is the inspiration and muse for the fashion collage project 8LB POOCH on Instagram. The project was created by designer Klee Van Schoonhoven, who started her collection with a photo of Goldie with a “follow the light” caption. As I looked at all the photos of Goldie, I can honestly say that she did follow the light, and she really found herself when she was introduced to fashion. It’s been a great evolution from her start to where she is today. Goldie is a natural supermodel, and the effortlessly chic portraits that Klee produces will put a smile on your heart. Klee, who does not have a background in photography and takes all of the images with her iPhone, is more interested in collage, but she is learning about the process as she goes. The results are just precious.

Alexandra Perez, fashion model and a loving mother of two shares the same enthusiasm towards dogs. Yes, the stunning Swedish model had a distinguished career.

The Lovely Family of Alexandra Perez
The Lovely Family of Alexandra Perez

What I really enjoy about the 8LB POOCH photo collection is that, in my opinion, it’s almost a continuation of the iconic photograph created by photographer Lucy Snowe called “Pinky.” If you follow what’s going on in the social media channels, I am sure you came across it, especially after it was turned into a cover of DOGUE. It was flying around the Internet for months, and is still so inspiring. Lucy believes that Pinky the Chihuahua looks like Kim Novak in a technicolor Hitchcock movie in that photo, so she calls her Pinky Novak. It is hilarious and very fashion forward. That image has started a trend — there is even a DOGUE Magazine now on Facebook. Perhaps, a portrait of Goldie Van Schoonhoven and Pinky Novak together could make canine fashion history. Trust me when I say that VIPs stands for Very Important Pooches; who cares about people?

No offense to the cat nation, but fashion designer Isaac Mizhari once said, “It’s almost impossible to have any style without the right dog.” So if you don’t have a dog, and you feel like you might need some help in the style department, then pay a visit to Goldie’s Instagram account, and you might learn a thing or two about fashion. Either way, it will just make you very happy for the rest of your day!

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Give a voice to the voiceless!

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