Even L.A. Dog Shelters Going Vegan, Pilot Study, Stupid?

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Even L.A. Dog Shelters Going Vegan, Pilot Study


Even the dogs are going vegan, according to Los Angeles’ Animal Services Commission.  They are considering switching their dog shelters away from a meat-based diet to all vegan foods.  The L.A. Animal Services wants to start supporting the idea of protecting the environment.  They also don’t want to  promote the killing of farm animals.  Board member Roger Wolfson believes there are many benefits to doing this. He is proposing a pilot study to begin in January.


Wolfson is a strong believer that they will have healthier dogs if they are put on a vegan diet.  There is plenty of vegan commercial dog food out there.  Many dogs do very well on this kind of diet.  So, the dogs in animal shelters across L.A. will be healthier. They’ll also have a greater chance at being adopted if they are going vegan in this pilot study!  This is encouraging for all shelter dogs out there.


A vegan diet for human beings has its benefits.  It lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity.  A vegan diet lowers lots of dangerous stuff in our systems.  But should a shelter dog be going vegan in such a pilot study?  It really depends on the dog and the kind of vegan food the dog is fed.  Essentially, dogs are able to get essential nutrients from plants and animal proteins.

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Dogs are strong omnivores.   This means they can get most of their essential nutrients, vitamin A, from beta-carotene found in plants.  But dogs with food allergies or sensitivities have difficulty removing processed animal products from their diet.  So replacements need to be carefully formulated in order for them to get all the essential nutrients they need. Some researchers suggest that dogs also benefit from going vegan once a month to detox.  It sounds like going vegan once a month would be good for everybody.


They plan on piloting this idea in six animal shelters in the L.A. area.  Before fully implementing this proposal within a pilot study, the commission will spend approximately sixty days studying the research.  They will also be speaking to numerous experts to see if this bold move is realistic. Will it be nourishing to the City’s populations of animals, starting with the shelter dogs?  The discussions and research will all commence in early January.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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