The Diva Behind the Drunk in Love Video Tells Us About Beyoncé, Donut Monogamy and Wig Stress

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The Diva Behind the 'Dunkin Love' Video Tells Us About Beyoncé, Donut Monogamy and Wig Stress

If you happened to google Beyoncé during a seven-hour period last Thursday afternoon, you would have seen Reggie White’s face framed by a perfectly asymmetrical bobbed wig. Reggie, along with his good friend and fellow actor/writer Adrian Anchondo, are the creators of the tasty spoof on Beyoncé’s massive hit “Drunk in Love.” I had to know the real story behind “Dunkin Love” and find out how Reggie became a Dunkin’ Diva impressive enough to pull me away from my Krispy Kremes.

TheBlot: How does it feel to be a #DunkinDiva?

Reggie White: I still feel like that shy little kid from Upland. This is all unreal to me right now. I love Dunkin’ Donuts. I never thought I would be a Dunkin’ Diva. It’s not official until I am in a magazine smizing with a Munchkin. My smizing was good in the video, but I still have a lot to learn. Dunkin’ Diva rising. Tyra, if you read this, let’s talk.

When did you first fall for Dunkin’?

A few years ago I was working on a show, off, off, off, off, off Broadway in New York. After rehearsals we were getting food before heading out to drink and a New Yorker was like, “Y’all want some Dunkin’ Donuts?” I was like, “Donuts at 11 p.m.? If you say so.”

That first bite of that twist was like that scene in “The Color Purple.” When Celie and Nettie see each other, run and scream for each other in that moving embrace? Yeah, that’s how my tongue felt after that first bite.


What’s your favorite Dunkin’ Donut?

All about the twist, I’m about the classics. A good glazed twist will do me just right. Though I just got into buttermilk donuts. Once I pick something I like, I stick with it for a while; I’m a food monogamist. Recently, Adrian, my Dunkin’ Daddy, brought me a chocolate buttermilk donut. I was like, “Ooooh, oooh, gurl, this is delicious.” I haven’t had one in San Francisco yet, because Dunkin’ Donuts hasn’t graced us with their warm cream-filled glow. So, Adrian flies them back from the east coast just for me.

No Dunkin’ Donuts were harmed in the making of this video.

So Adrian is you Dunkin’ Daddy then?

Yes. This whole thing is his brainchild. We were watching the release of the visual album. Of course that night when it came out at like 10 p.m., over some drinks and a Munchkin variety pack … Queen Bey had us dancing, of course, and by the second full listen, we were singing the chorus, and Adrian was like, “We should make a spoof.” We wrote some lyrics on the spot, inspired by the perfectly bite-size treats sitting in front of us. We recorded it in a friend’s studio the next week.


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Where was the video shot?

We shot it at Ocean Beach, the main big beach in San Fran. But see the main thing is we shot it in February, at 8 p.m. It was real fucking cold. But, I had Dunkin’ coffee to keep me warm, and like the true diva Beyoncé herself, I wasn’t gonna let a little cold stop me from giving a flawless performance.

I don’t know where Beyoncé recorded her video, but once I get that endorsement deal, we are heading somewhere tropical. Cause I know she was not freezing her ass off. Let me tell you that shit was cold, and I am not doing this again.

How did you get Dunkin’ Donuts out to San Francisco? Who’s your dealer and what’s his number?

So here’s the thing — GASP! — those aren’t Dunkin’ Donuts in the video. So, no Dunkin’ Donuts were harmed in the making of this video. We had stunt donuts from a local bakery here in San Francisco. Like a true diva, I care about my community and want to use my talents to better my community. Like Drake, I started from the bottom and now I want my whole team here.

Adrian had his family back in the east coast to ship them Dunkin’ Donuts boxes, Box O’ Joe, Munchkins and Coolatta cups. When I walked into his house and saw those boxes I knew we had something special.


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Does Pretty Hurt?

You don’t know. This is my first time in drag, and let me tell you what. Fake eyelashes are some kind of medieval torture device. I don’t know how drag queens and women do it. They are so uncomfortable, and don’t even ask about ripping them off at the end of the shoot.

They were crazy long, like a hand reaching out from my eyelids for the wig. All those shots of the wig flipping back and forth isn’t just to look sexy; I was trying to get that out of my eyes. I did not wake up like this. That wig is light, but the crown is heavy. It isn’t easy to be a Dunkin’ Diva.

Who were you wearing?

This wasn’t a Hype Williams video here. We made this on a budget. No thrift store was too fancy. The bra was my friend Sarah’s, [who is] also our fabulous grip and production assistant. The dress is vintage Salvation Army. We popped some tags and made it work.

Which Coolatta are you?

I’m the Frozen Caramel Coolatta, cause I’m smooth and mild. You love the taste that makes you lick your lips and never waste a drip. And I love how that sugar, it melts away. You can’t keep your eyes off this patty or your tongue off this frozen caramel flavor.


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What do you have to say to Dunkin’ purists who might decry your love of the sausage patty?

You know I feel like in 2014, we as a country need to realize that history is moving forward, and our antiquated ideas about families, responsibilities and breakfast orientations has to reflect our modern times. I am confident the arch of history is moving towards the acceptance of sausage patties, Danishes and fritters, right alongside the classic glazed and jelly filled. I say sausage patty phobia has to go.

Would you ever date a man who loved Krispy Kreme?

Yes. I am all about acceptance, I mean within reason. He would have to agree that Dunkin’ coffee is still the best.

So who do you most want to share your Dunkin’ box with?

This is easy: Neil Patrick Harris. Sorry, David. Your man has got it going on.

Why does it have to be about an Accord? Why not Ford?

This is getting a little too political for me. I just want to confirm I am all about American enterprise. It was a used car, bought from a local businessman. I support my local economy and jobs. You hear that, Obama?


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Were you nervous taking on the persona of Beyoncé?

Totally. I never thought this would happen. I mean I am a good singer, but I am not Beyoncé. And we have a great producer, but he isn’t Timbaland. And I know I look good in various states of undress, but I am not Queen Bey. Stepping into the sandy footprints of the 17-time Grammy-winning legend, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter — it ain’t easy.

Can we expect another video?

Just wait until I turn that jelly donut out.

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