Deviants Steal Unlocked Car With Child Inside

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Deviants Steal Unlocked Car With Child Inside
Deviants Steal Unlocked Car With Child Inside


Do you leave your car unlocked?  If so, have you ever encountered an issue because of it?  Like someone burglarizing your car?  Or, better yet…someone attempting to steal your car?  A woman in Fergus, Ontario left her car running and unlocked when she went into a store to pick a few things up on Christmas evening.  But she forgot to take something with her:  her kid.  Her hands were full, she was multitasking and thought it was a good idea to leave her toddler behind, in a running car.  Two guys decided to steal the car.  With the kid in it. This is becoming more and more common. Social deviants will look for an opening, such as an unlocked car.  So, it’s best to take your child inside because you are risking too much.


A man and his accomplice managed to get into the car and took off with it.  With the toddler inside.  Many witnesses tried to stop them, but failed in their attempt.  The deviants took off, but soon after abandoned the car on the side of the highway.  The toddler, luckily, was unharmed. Police are investigating the matter, to uncover what went wrong, aside from the mother leaving her child inside the unlocked car.  But, hey, there must be more, right?

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This is becoming more prevalent in the news.  A woman in Rochester, Tyneidra Snow, was accused of stealing a car with a toddler with disabilities last November.  She’s since pled not guilty and the police are still investigating.  Around the same time in Dallas, a man was filling his car with gas, and someone stole the car with his toddler daughter inside.  The suspect dropped off the little girl two blocks away after fleeing.  So be very weary of leaving your car with a child inside.  Social deviants will steal your car if it’s unlocked.  With your child, inside.

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