December Style Master: Lauren Ezersky

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New York fashion personality Lauren Ezersky has incomparable energy and style which is why Gazelle Paulo named her our December Style Master. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo)
New York fashion personality Lauren Ezersky has incomparable energy and style, which is why Gazelle Paulo named her our December Style Master. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo)

It is impossible not to be attracted to Lauren Ezersky‘s energy and style. From the grand mix of jewelry — traditional and modern — to the sophisticated grey hair that only Lauren can wear in a rock ‘n’ roll high-fashion unstudied way, she is a New York fashion personality who easily circulates in any social circle in town and out of town, such as at her house out in the Hamptons.

As I arrived at her East Side home in New York, Lauren was selecting few things to take on a trip to South Africa. I was greeted by Harpo and Norma Jean, two amazing Chihuahuas who spend their days lounging among silk pillows. They complete the stylish image of Lauren, who, for many years, delighted us with her interviews on the show “Behind the Velvet Ropes,” but most recently, I enjoyed watching Lauren’s projects for MAC “Fashion to Fashion” during New York Fashion Week.

Because of all this, Lauren Ezersky is TheBlot Magazine’s December Style Master.

 Lauren Ezersky's beloved Chihuahuas Harpo and Norma Jean. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo)

Lauren Ezersky’s beloved Chihuahuas Harpo and Norma Jean. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo)


Gazelle Paulo: Lauren, please describe your style with your own words.

Lauren Ezersky: I would say that my style is eclectic. I love high fashion, but I know how to get down low, too. Sometimes I feel like wearing a ball gown to my D’Agostino’s, and other times, just a pair of jeans. It just depends how I wake up in the morning and how I feel. The one thing I’m never without is my makeup even to go swimming.

Do you have any peculiar fashion habits?

Fashion habits. Not sure about that. I guess if I like a designer, I like to wear it head to toe because I like their vision and want to look like I walked off their runway. But, it always is made to look like me, and I want to own it.

How important has fashion and style been to you?

Fashion and style are super important to me. It’s the way you present yourself to the world. It’s how you want people to see you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you act the way you dress. I mean if you want to look like a “ho” some days, it doesn’t mean you are one. It just means that you might feel like one that day.

(Photo by Gazelle Paulo)
Lauren radiates style and energy. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo)

What was the defining fashion moment in your life?

The most defining fashion moment in my life was when I was at the Halston fashion show, and the model Pat Cleveland sashayed down the runway, then stopped, put lipstick on [while] looking in a beautiful compact, twirled and then kept walking. I said this is the business that I want to be, and it’s awesome.

Who are the most elegant woman and man of all time?

There are so many beautiful and elegant people in the world, especially the past. People really dressed then, but I would say one of my favorites is Cher; she’s not as elegant as so much she is outrageous, but I prefer that. I guess for elegance for the male I would have to say Cary Grant and Fred Astaire. I also think Audrey Hepburn was so chic.

Fashionably speaking, if you could have a second chance to give another first impression, when and why?

Fashionably speaking, I have no regrets at anything that I ever wore, even when I got sent down to the office at school because my skirts were too short! [Laughs]

A fabulous glimpse into Lauren's home. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo)
A fabulous glimpse into Lauren’s home. (Photo by Gazelle Paulo)

What is your favorite store in the world and your favorite in New York City?

Well, I haven’t been everywhere in the world to every store in the universe, but I would have to say that my favorite store is in Los Angeles, and it’s called Maxfield. In New York, I guess it would be Bergdorf or Barneys. We really do need something in New York that’s a bit more outrageous for those for those of us who like to dress up a bit more.

What was the most spectacular party you attended?

Oh my God, there’s been so many great parties in New York City, but I guess the best for me was when I attended The Costume Institute at The Met one year, and also I remember there was a party at the Statue of Liberty for the opening of something I can’t remember. I guess I was having too much fun.

If you could style one person, who would be the lucky one?

Been thinking about who I would want to style, and nobody really comes to mind because either they have great style or they really suck and nothing can help them. Maybe Hillary Clinton; I mean, she’s pretty successful and can buy whatever she wants, but she always looks dowdy, so maybe I could do something with her, but I don’t think she’d let me!

What is the perfect attire for the eternal sleep?

Well, if I had my choice for my eternal sleep, it would have to be something outrageous, and Alaïa and awesome. But you really never get the chance to do that! I’m always disappointed when somebody else styles me or does my makeup because I always think that I do it better, and I guess for me, I do. Sometimes I do think about that. I guess it doesn’t really matter because nobody sees you, but then again, you would know how you look and get pissed if it wasn’t right! And that’s not cool! As a matter fact, it’s a bummer!

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Gazelle Paulo is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine. Follow him on Twitter and FreakChic.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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