Death Defying Gnarly Sledding, No Hiding From Winter

Death Defying Gnarly Sledding, No Hiding From Winter


It’s twelve below outside.  Are you hiding?  Waiting for the Winter (which only started a second ago) to turn into Spring?  You’re shit out of luck, because you still need to get through cold January and depressing February before you can have an ounce of hope for Spring.  So why don’t you just do something practical?  And fun.  Maybe even life changing.  Go sledding!  Sledding is not what it once was, because there is so much more variety out there in terms of wicked, awesome, gnarly sleds.  Which one are you going to get, so you can enjoy the fresh mound of snow at the end of your block (if that’s all you got)?


You may like “Krazy Karpets” or the generic name “turbo carpets.”  They are super inexpensive, light to carry. And boy can you pick up speed going downhill!  But the drawback is that there is absolutely no cushioning if you hit icy bumps.  So let us warn you!  You may be hiding your bruises, and not from the cold after your down sledding with these hot carpets. But they sure are gnarly.  Also, they’re super packable and storable.

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Plastic sleds are pretty sturdy, and cheap.  You can use them on the sidewalk if you have a toddler, and they definitely hold up to pounding.  The plastic also helps you pick up speed and it’s great for multiple passengers.  There’s no hiding from friends.  And they’re great for gnarly, awesome, funky slipping away sledding.  Snow racers and flexible flyers are also guaranteed to please your sledding adventures.


Seriously, there is nothing like sledding with a toboggan.  It was once a very traditional form of travel for the aboriginal people in northern Canada.  A toboggan is made of wood, and can equip a family, or a team.  They are lightweight, easy to pull but as tricky as a conversation with your mother-in-law to steer.  So, get ready to tumble and fall flat in the snow.  But that is seriously the best part of sledding:  picking up speed with the risk of falling on your gnarly, awesome and wet face.  So no hiding this Winter!  And if all else fails, use a piece of cardboard.  Go rogue!

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