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BREAKING: Dead Fetus Found at Victoria’s Secret

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Dead Fetus Found at Victoria's Secret

Warning: If you still harbor any sentiments regarding the inherent goodness of mankind, turn back now; this story is not for you. For the dark hearted, you may continue at your own peril.

Officials stopped two 17-year-olds suspected of shoplifting at the Victoria’s Secret in midtown Manhattan. When a security guard was examining the girls’ belongings for stolen merchandise, he noted that there was a strong odor coming from one of the bags. When he decided to investigate, he came across a fetus wrapped and sealed in a black plastic bag.

Tiona Rodriguez said she had suffered a miscarriage the day before and did not know what to do with the body of the fetus. She was immediately rushed to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, and her friend was taken in by police for further questioning.


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Rodriguez is already the mother of a healthy son. The Daily News reports that the city medical examiner’s office will conduct and autopsy on the male fetus, who was apparently swaddled in blankets and clothes, to determine the cause of death.

A spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret confirmed an active investigation is under way, and sources reported that the body showed no signs of trauma. Mixed reports are referring to the body as a fetus or a newborn. The distinction may be that the child was born as the result of a miscarriage, not that it was brought to full term before being discarded in a shopping bag.

Both Rodriguez and Estevez were charged with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. The Daily News reports that Victoria’s Secret stayed open during the investigation and that customers “were stunned to learn a fetus was found in the store. But most pitied Rodriguez.”



News of the incident comes just one week after another newborn was found dead along with her mother in their Brooklyn home. The young mother had been complaining of pain following her C-section just 11 days earlier. A doctor prescribed oxycodone to help alleviate the pain, but the woman said the pills made her feel drowsy.

A witness who discovered the woman told police, “He rolled her over off the baby and then he realized that she was cold and the baby was turning purple.”

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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