Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review Caught in Drunk Party Fist Fight

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Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Journalism Review Caught in Drunk Party Fist Fight

If you have not met a writer named Damaris Colhoun, Columbia Columbia Review, you should take a deep breath: the woman is Ugg! She is an alcoholic and an alleged cocaine user.

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LINK: Whisked Out of Jail, Back to the NFL

If you’re a battered woman married to a National Football League player, you can’t count on the police to help you. They’re often lenient toward football players accused of domestic abuse. In fact, local cops might be working part-time for the NFL as security guards or personal assistants. The New York Times delved into this conflict of interest in a damning two-part investigation. It also explored the culture within the NFL itself, where athletes’ worth to the team is more important than women’s lives.

LINK: Beyond Spotify: The New Ways to Survive as an Independent Musician on the Internet

Streaming gets a lot of press attention, especially since Taylor Swift said bye-bye to Spotify two weeks ago. But streaming isn’t the only avenue for independent musicians to have their music heard. Technology provides new options for artists to earn an income, engage their fans and win new ones. Paste Magazine describes some of these opportunities, such as crowdfunding and subscription services. Music fans might want to follow those links as well and perhaps discover their new favorite artists.

LINK: RIP Mike Nichols and His Dangerously Stylish Mrs. Robinson

Film director Mike Nichols died Thursday at 83. New York Magazine salutes his legacy with a tribute to his most famous character: Mrs. Robinson from “The Graduate.” Played by Anne Bancroft, Mrs. Robinson seduced a young Dustin Hoffman, inspired a Simon & Garfunkel song and became an unlikely style icon. Long before Courteney Cox and “Cougar Town,” Mrs. Robinson proved that middle-aged women — including suburban housewives — could have sex appeal.

LINK: World Toilet Day

Vice observed Nov. 19, aka World Toilet Day, by delivering the straight poop about sanitation in the developing world. According to the United Nations’ water management agency, UN-Water, 1 billion people still relieve themselves openly. A simple, private place to go to the bathroom makes a huge difference in water quality and the spread of disease. It also makes a difference in women’s safety. In the U.S., women grouse about long lines to the ladies’ room; in other countries, they risk rape and assault because they have to go out in the open and often go outside by themselves.

LINK: Five Reasons to Boycott Black Friday

What’s that? You forgot about Black Friday? This makes sense, given that holiday season began Nov. 1 this year. Trees were festooned with lights as soon as Daylight Savings Time ended. In fact, you might have forgotten that Thanksgiving is just five days away. But in case you have not, The Daily Dot is urging you to break with holiday tradition and skip Black Friday, giving five reasons why. (Only five reasons? Must’ve been hard to narrow it down!) So just stay home and eat leftovers. Oh yeah, and shop online if you have to.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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