Couple Weighed a Ton, Diet Together Now Look Amazing

Couple Weighed a Ton, Diet Together Now Look Amazing


A couple that diets together, stays together.  If you are addicted to heroin, and you are trying to beat the habit, you need to be in an environment where no one else is doing it. So, if your partner is a heroin addict and you are a heroin addict trying to be clean, you better get out of that relationship fast.  Otherwise it won’t work.  It’s like that with any addiction.  So, if you are morbidly obese, and so is your spouse – and you want to lose the weight but your spouse doesn’t want to, well… you are doomed to be morbidly obese forever.  Good news though! One couple weighed way too much and decided to diet together.  The result is, they look great and they were able to tackle the challenges together.  They look amazing.


One Indiana couple decided to lose more than four hundred pounds together.  They got married back in 2015.  Aside from marrying each other, they married their weight issues and terrible habits.  They would order a lot of pizza and eat greasy fried food.  Too much of it.  He weighed about three hundred pounds and she weighed two hundred pounds more.  Lexi and Danny Reed decided that they didn’t want to weigh eight hundred pounds together, so, they decided to make a big change and diet together.  They wanted to feel better and look amazing.

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They took out the fried foods, started to eat lean meats like chicken and fish and added a ton of veggies to their diet. Their approach was the Mediterranean and the DASH Diet.  Essentially, they encompass a diet rich in fruits, veggies and fish.  Both diets help battles high blood pressure and stop hypertension.  Lexi and Danny feel that their diet and change of bad habits really helped to save their lives.  They weighed a lot before but weigh much less now. They didn’t feel that they took too much out of their diet, instead they added more healthy options and food.  And now they look and feel amazing!

So you can lose weight by adding good things to your diet and life.  It’s not always lose, lose!

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