Corruption, Lies, How SEC Enforcement Staff Cheryl Crumpton, Derek Bentsen Drink the Nasdaq Poison Kool-Aid

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Corruption, Lies, How SEC Enforcement Staff Cheryl Crumpton, Derek Bentsen Drink Nasdaq 'Poison Kool-Aid'

Editor’s Note: CHERYL CRUMPTON is an obscure, corrupt SEC enforcement staffer enmeshed in the largest Nasdaq Stock Market fraud and scandal since Bernie Madoff. Cheryl Crumpton was caught abetting Nasdaq’s fabrication of a “300 round lot shareholders gifting rule” to advance her own failed career. Here’s the basics: If a Self-Regulated Organization (SRO) like the Nasdaq wishes to change its stock listing rules, it MUST file a Form 19b-4 with the SEC. The SEC is then required to publish a rule application in the Federal Register seeking public comments. Subsequently, the SEC must issue a written Order of approval or disapproval. This is the rulemaking process under the law. Otherwise, there is NO rule, period! Nasdaq is prohibited from engaging in “rulemaking,” masquerading as a “Nasdaq spirit” or applying “inferred,” invisible in-house recipes. Nasdaq’s entire history of rulemaking is published (here) by the SEC. Without ambiguity, Nasdaq never had a “300 round lot shareholders gifting rule.” Knowing these facts, the SEC enforcement staff CHERYL CRUMPTON, DEREK BENTSEN, STEVEN SUSSWEIN, MELISSA HODGMAN, PATRICK FEENEY, JOSHUA BRAUNSTEIN, ANTONIA CHION etc. fabricated a Nasdaq “300 round lot shareholders gifting rule,” colluded in a racially charged Nasdaq fraud, shamelessly ruined the life of a Japanese American lawyer William Uchimoto. The Court took notice. On June 2, 2017, the courageous, revered New York federal judge P. Kevin Castel condemned the SEC tactics as “…deceptive practice by those working for an agency [SEC] charged with policing deceptive practices is unacceptable” in a historic ruling. Recently, Melissa Hodgman, the woman who climbed her SEC career skinning Asian scalps was caught in a sex scandal with her racy husband, rogue FBI agent Peter StrzokThis is a sick story of government abuses so outrageous that it would make you puke!

Read more: Melissa Hodgman, Peter Strzok’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.

Cheryl Crumpton, an imbecile SEC staffer, a Nasdaq ‘washing machine’

At the Nasdaq, hogs run wild. When Nasdaq’s notorious general counsel ED KNIGHT – whose beloved mentor is Nasdaq’s criminal Chairman Bernie Madoff gets caught lying, cheating and stealing, a “Baywatch babe” at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dives into the mud and swims to his rescue. Nasdaq’s “Pamela Anderson” at the SEC is a curious and corrupt SEC enforcement staffer named CHERYL CRUMPTON.

Read more: The Daily Mail: Fraud, Lies, Extramarital Affairs Expose SEC Staffer Melissa Hodgman – Woman with Elephant Legs

CHERYL CRUMPTON is quite a homebody with lots of zeros attached to her miserably failed career:

A middle-aged woman, CHERYL CRUMPTON has zero experience in an Asian country; she speaks zero Chinese beyond shouting “Kung Pao Chicken” off a Chinatown menu; she has zero knowledge towards China; she knows zero about the Chinese law, and finally, Cheryl Crumpton doesn’t have a damn clue about separating China from the China in a China shop.

But Cheryl Crumpton has an open mind: she is a fan of the Nasdaq, knowing full well Nasdaq would pay her at least four times more when she joins the gang. Drinking Nasdaq’s “poison Kool-Aid” like a fat rat resting in the gutters of DC’s subway, the imbecile SEC staffer Cheryl Crumpton is a corrupt, stealth “washing machine” doing Nasdaq’s dirty laundry.

Read more: MELISSA HODGMAN, Racist SEC Enforcement Staffer Wants Pay Raise, Not the Truth

By any measure, CHERYL CRUMPTON is galaxies away from an audition for a Baywatch TV show.

CHERYL CRUMPTON’s life follows a familiar pattern of a typical government waste: an unembellished sheepskin from a third-tier law school submerged in a racist Alabama swamp; an inferred, deep-seated hatred towards the blacks and the minorities; a pathetic “world view” limited to within a square mile of DC’s Chinatown; and a bi-weekly paycheck that she does nothing to earn the taxpayers mercy… But Cheryl Crumpton prays for more – like rolling heads to gloss over her razor-thin resume, or lurching in the dark for more pecuniary rewards in the private sector…

“CHERYL CRUMPTON has tons of raw power – she’s too reckless to follow the law, too lazy and ignorant to search for the truth, and too racially biased to locate China on a map.”

More In-depth:

Fraud, Lies, SEC Lawyer Derek Bentsen ‘Drained’ in Chinatown Market Manipulation ‘Swamp’

Sued for ‘Nasdaq spirit,’ Nasdaq retaliated, duped the SEC, DOJ

The Nasdaq is not a friendly place for monks, nuns or worshiping the Virgin Mary. Nasdaq’s Chairman was Bernie Madoff, the world’s worst-ever Ponzi schemer monster who’s bilked investors out of billions.

“Before Bernie Madoff was put away for life, he left a  cherished legacy engraved in the Nasdaq corporate culture: lie, cheat and steal to maximize profits.”


Religiously following Bernie Madoff’s teaching is his faithful apprentice ED KNIGHT, Nasdaq’s shady general counsel – a former Washington lobbyist known as “Mr. Fix.” Thanks to Madoff, Nasdaq’s rotten culture is a journey of fraud, racism and power abuses – until it was caught pants down lying by the SEC. Read more: WILD NASDAQ LAWYER EDWARD KNIGHT VOWS TO NUKE SEC CHAIR MARY JO WHITE.

In 2010, Nasdaq delisted China-based CleanTech Innovations, Inc, a profitable wind power operator. On appeal, Nasdaq general counsel ED KNIGHT made a shocking remark – captured on the record:

“CleanTech Innovations, Inc. did not violate the letter of any Nasdaq rules, but it has violated the Nasdaq spirit.”

WTF is a “Nasdaq spirit?” Neither Nasdaq nor Cheryl Crumpton was willing to provide an answer. Legal experts burned out their eyeballs poring over Nasdaq’s publicly available SEC rulingmaking records and found nothing about the “Nasdaq spirit” as an SEC-approved listing standard – it was a Nasdaq fabrication carried out in the textbook Bernie Madoff fashion by Madoff’s devout follower ED KNIGHT. Read more: ED KNIGHT, NASDAQ GENERAL COUNSEL CAUGHT IN RIGGING NASDAQ LISTING SCANDAL.

More in-depth:

Fraud, Lies, SEC Staff Steven Susswein, Cheryl Crumpton Slammed in Federal Court

MICHAEL EMEN and ARNOLD GOLUB, Nasdaq’s listing heads were forthright with the truth: “CleanTech didn’t violate Nasdaq’s rules. But Nasdaq must delist CleanTech Innovations, Inc. to send a message to the world – it’s not open season for the 1.4 billion Chinese to cheap on the Nasdaq.”

With a contrived “Nasdaq spirit,” better defined as the “NASDAQ SPIRIT OF RACISM,” the racist Nasdaq mafia ED KNIGHT, ALAN ROWLAND, WILLIAM SLATTERY, MICHAEL EMEN, ARNOLD GOLUB, GARY SUNDICK, AMY HORTON, CRAIG MILLER destroyed more than $300 million shareholders’ value, ruined the life savings of thousands of American investors. Read more: DISGRACED NASDAQ OFFICIAL MICHAEL EMEN REVEALS NASDAQ AS AN INSTITUTIONAL RACIST, ED KNIGHT IMPLICATED.

More in-depth:

Disgraced Nasdaq Official Michael Emen Reveals Nasdaq as an Institutional Racist, Ed Knight Implicated…


Outraged by the abuse, in 2011, former U.S. Senator Arlen Spector sued the Nasdaq for racial discrimination. Scrambling to cover up its racist tracks, the Nasdaq duped the imbecile SEC enforcement staff STEVEN SUSSWEIN, PATRICK FEENEY, DEREK BENTSEN, CHERYL CRUMPTON, JOSHUA BRAUNSTEIN, MELISSA HODGMAN, ANTONIA CHION into subscribing to the “Nasdaq spirit.” Read more: MELISSA HODGMAN, Racist SEC Enforcement Staffer Wants Pay Raise, Not the Truth.

In July 2013, the Nasdaq-orchestrated conspiracy fell apart: The legendary SEC chair Mary Jo White led a unanimous, landmark Commission ruling reversing Nasdaq’s delisting of CleanTech Innovations, stampeded the racist “Nasdaq spirit,” concluding “[T]he record does not show that the specific grounds on which Nasdaq based its delisting decision exist in fact.”  This was the first time the SEC had reversed a Nasdaq decision in 44 years, exposed by the Forbes Magazine and Law360. Read more: Forbes Magazine – In Rare Move, SEC Reverses Nasdaq’s Delisting Of Chinese Company.


Cheryl Crumpton, a made-up SEC charge, racism against a Japanese American

Facing a historic defeat, Cheryl Crumpton rushed to the sinking Nasdaq ship, searching for “traitors” who had testified for the SEC Commissioners that revealed the Nasdaq fraud.

Under Ed Knight’s marching order, the flighty Cheryl Crumpton landed her shifty eyes on a Japanese American lawyer named William Uchimoto.

William Uchimoto grew up in a Japanese internment camp. His father Dan Uchimoto was the most decorated Japanese American soldier during World War II – a Purple Heart veteran honored with pulling Jews out of Nazi concentration camps in Poland. Mr. Uchimoto is the former Chief Legal Officer of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, and a former SEC attorney in charge of regulating America’s stock exchanges. Mr. Uchimoto is an expert on stock exchange listings.



The Nasdaq enlisted Cheryl Crumpton to do its bidding, fabricated an SEC “securities law violation” to skin Bill Uchimoto’s Asian scalp.

Like a dog with rabies, Cheryl Crumpton barked at William Uchimoto and trumped up a “Nasdaq 300 round lot shareholders gifting rule” violation

A $20 SEC ‘cross border’ fraud, a fabricated Nasdaq listing rule

Can the SEC charge someone with a “law violation” when the law doesn’t exist? Can you also accuse someone of a rule violation when clearly there is no rule? These seemingly simple but common sense questions are too daunting for CHERYL CRUMTPON and other imbecile SEC career types to answer. Instead, Cheryl Crumpton and the SEC enforcement staff committed a massive fraud.


In September 2015, Cheryl Crumpton mounted a racially-charged coup against the renowned Japanese American lawyer William Uchimoto, accusing the Asian expert of “misleading” the $13 billion Nasdaq Stock Market, depicting the Wall Street fat cat Nasdaq as a duped, naive baby shitting in a crib…

The corrupt SEC staff claimed Mr. Uchimoto had misled the Nasdaq in 2009 in order to gain listings for his clients, and violated a “Nasdaq 300 round lot shareholders gifting rule.” The absurd SEC lawsuit said the “economic incentive” for Mr. Uchimoto to commit the “massive securities fraud” was a 100-share stock certificate he had received from a friend during Christmas – worth $20.


Op-Ed: Can’t Find China On A Map? Racist SEC Lawyer Derek Bentsen Hunts Asian Scalps in Chinatown

Like a fat rat, the corrupt Cheryl Crumpton drank the Nasdaq ‘poison Kool-Aid’

For the average reader, if a $20 SEC fraud case smells like an SEC PR stunt, it certainly was complete bullshit.

CHERYL CRUMPTON, STEVEN SUSSWEIN, PATRICK FEENEY, MELISSA HODGMAN, DEREK BENTSEN, JOSHUA BRAUNSTEIN formed the SEC’s “ISIS-styled” firing squad and brutally murdered William Uchimoto’s reputation built over 40 years.

In his voluntary deposition before the SEC gangsters, Mr. Uchimoto made clear the Nasdaq never had a “300 round lot shareholders gifting rule.” In fact, Mr. Uchimoto told Nasdaq staff WILLIAM SLATTERY, ALAN ROWLAND, ARNOLD GOLUB, MICHAEL EMEN they were prohibited from enforcing a nonexistent rule without first seeking a 19(b)-4 rule change with the SEC. The evidence is here:

AIMEE HECTOR, SDNY, DOJ, MELISSA HODGMAN, Steven Susswein, Patrick Feeney, Cheryl Crumpton, Derek Bentsen, SEC, William Slattery, Ed Knight, Amy Horton, Nasdaq Listing

Despite these cold facts flying in Cheryl Crumpton’s fat face, Cheryl Crumpton scurried for cover with a “knife” pointing at Bill Uchimoto’s Asian scalp, whose lies were exposed in an investigative article: INVESTIGATIONS: HOW NASDAQ’S WILLIAM SLATTERY, FINRA’S ROBERT COLBY LIED TO THE FBI, DUPED THE GOVERNMENT.

By 2015, riding on a tidal wave of Washington politics against the Chinese, the ignorant SEC staff were manipulated by the Nasdaq like total idiots. The imbecile SEC staffers CHERYL CRUMPTON, STEVEN SUSSWEIN, PATRICK FEENEY, MELISSA HODGMAN, DEREK BENTSEN, JOSHUA BRAUNSTEIN, ANTONIA CHION sued William Uchimoto for having committed a $20 “China fraud.” Read more: SEC STAFFER STEVEN SUSSWEIN CAUGHT IN ABSURD SEC CLAIM: GIFTING STOCKS ILLEGAL IN AMERICA?

Cheryl Crumpton, SEC, DOJ: Confessions of a fabricated case in a ‘fake news channel’

On July 8, 2016, facing adverse evidence presented in federal court in New York, the SDNY DOJ prosecutors SARAH EDDY, MICHAEL FERRARA, AIMEE HECTOR came clean, conceded in court filings before a New York federal judge:

“The government [DOJ] does not claim that NASDAQ or any other entity had in place a formal rule banning the gifting of shares in connection with a listing application.”

Melissa Hodgman, Antonia Chion, Stephanie Avakian, Cheryl Crumpton, Steven Susswein, Patrick Feeney, Derek Bentsen, SEC Enforcement, Alan Lawhead, Robert Colby, FINRA, Ed Knight, William Slattery, Nasdaq

Really? Why didn’t these “smart” government folks consult a single market expert before ruining people’s lives? The SEC’s mumble jumble was predicated on a fake premise: there is NO Nasdaq 300 round lot shareholders gifting rule anywhere on earth. Therefore it wouldn’t matter how a company obtains its shareholder base – gifting to employees, friends, families or otherwise.

Till this day, the Nasdaq has not filed with the SEC a 19(b)-4 rule change to qualify the 300 shareholders listing rule. The Nasdaq has had the same listing standard for 20 years – without the fake “300 round lot shareholders gifting rule” in it.

For nearly two years, the SEC regulatory rapists dragged the 62-year-old William Uchimoto through a merit-less litigation, until the esteemed New York federal judge P. Kevin Castel had enough of the SEC’s lies and dumped the SEC’s fake case into a trash can with a complete case dismissal:

WILLIAM UCHIMOTO, LAWYER VINDICATED in false SEC securities fraud charges, Benjamin Wey, Derek Bentsen, Steven Susswein, Cheryl Crumpton, Melissa Hodgman racist fraudsters exposed

Court filings showing the SEC’s abuse of power was made available to the media, shedding more light on the SEC’s fabricated case against Mr. Uchimoto and other Asian professionals. Read more: Lawyer William Uchimoto Defeats SEC Charges, Melissa Hodgman, Derek Bentsen Racists Exposed, New York Law Journal.

“God bless America we have the federal court and a judicial role model like Judge P. Kevin Castel,” William Uchimoto told reporters. “Where can I turn to get my business and reputation back? I am talking to the media and I have sought Rule 11 sanctions against the SEC abusers on March 7, 2017.”

WILLIAM UCHIMOTO, Rule 11 Sanctions, SEC Enforcement, Melissa Hodgman, Cheryl Crumpton, Steven Susswein, Derek Bentsen, Joshua Braunstein, Patrick Feeney, Daniel Zinman, RKO, David Massey, Tracy Timbers

William Uchimoto’s lawyer DANIEL ZINMAN of Richards Kibbe & Orbe put out a press release, alerting the public of the SEC fraud against Mr. Uchimoto, exposing CHERYL CRUMPTON, the Nadsaq and their corrupt SEC co-conspirators:

“The Court ruled in favor of William Uchimoto after the SEC tried to amend three times to patch up a fake case. Judge Castel specifically found that the SEC had made no credible allegations against Mr. Uchimoto. It was all made up.”

Bill Uchimoto’s pristine reputation was violently raped by the abusive SEC simpletons CHERYL CRUMPTON, STEVEN SUSSWEIN, PATRICK FEENEY, MELISSA HODGMAN, DEREK BENTSEN, JOSHUA BRAUNSTEIN, ANTONIA CHION.  Read more: Lawyer William Uchimoto Defeats SEC Charges, Melissa Hodgman, Derek Bentsen Racists Exposed, New York Law Journal.


‘Expose the SEC fraud under FOIA’

Neither the Nasdaq nor the SEC would comment on this story. Readers wonder why these self-proclaimed “public servants” are hiding from the American public. Multiple FOIA requests lobbed at the SEC’s FOIA office are now awaiting the agency’s document production.

JEFF OVALL, the SEC’s FOIA Branch Chief (Email:, Telephone: 202-551-6376) told reporters his office is collecting documents from the SEC’s Enforcement Division.

“The American public deserves to know the facts behind the botched Uchimoto case,” said famed civil rights lawyer Matthew Topic at Chicago powerhouse law firm Loevy & Loevy. “The SEC must timely produce documents under FOIA. If the SEC engages in a cover-up and refuses to produce documents, we will involve the media and litigate in federal court.”

Stephanie Avakian, Howard Heiss, Cheryl Crumpton, Derek Bentsen, Steven Susswein, Melissa Hodgman, Joshua Braunstein, Patrick Feeney, Jay Clayton, SEC, Ed Knight, Alan Rowland, Nasdaq, Michael Huston, gibson Dunn

Compelled by a court order, Nasdaq revealed lies, fabricated fake market manipulation cases

In May 2017, compelled by a court order in a parallel case, Nasdaq lawyer MICHAEL HUSTON of Gibson Dunn produced a stack of Nasdaq internal documents surrounding its 2008-2010 listing approvals of three Uchimoto’s China-based client companies: SmartHeat, Inc., Deer Consumer Products, Inc. and CleanTech Innovations, Inc.

ARNOLD GOLUB, ED KNIGHT, ALAN ROWLAND, WILLIAM SLATTERY, MICHAEL EMEN, Craig Miller, Amy Horton, NASDAQ, Michael Huston, Douglas Cox, Gibson Dunn fraud

Nasdaq staff William Slattery, Ed Knight, Alan Rowland, Arnold Golub lied to federal agents at the FBI and the SEC, who were misled to fabricate “market manipulation” cases involving the highly profitable, Nasdaq-listed SmartHeat, Inc. and Deer Consumer Products, Inc.

“Only uneducated morons could believe these highly profitable, highly liquid shares in SmartHeat and Deer could be manipulated,” said a JP Morgan capital market expert. “Any public company would be tickled to death to have these mutual funds own their shares. These two companies each traded almost 1 million shares a day, No one could manipulate these natural market interest. ”

SmartHeat Inc Institutional Ownership

Deer Consumer Products, Inc Institutional Ownership

The Nasdaq production, which was confirmed as a final, complete Nasdaq record by MICHAEL HUSTON, DOUGLAS COX of Gibson, Dunn, shocked the conscience of the public and the Court:

There was ZERO evidence in Nasdaq’s own record showing even the slightest concern expressed by Nasdaq listing qualifications staff WILLIAM SLATTERY, KEELY WALTERS, ARNOLD GOLUB, ALAN ROWLAND or ANDREW HALL over shareholders gifting their own shares in connection with stock listings on the Nasdaq! None, zero!

The staggering evidentiary discovery that rebuts the core of the Nasdaq, SEC’s fake charges has only affirmed the long-held truth: the corrupt Nasdaq and Cheryl Crumpton colluded, fabricated a Nasdaq rule violation, purposefully displayed William Uchimoto’s Asian scalp in an SEC PR stunt.

Indeed, it was based on the fake charge against Mr. Uchimoto that Cheryl Crumpton’s supervisor MELISSA HODGMAN got a big job promotion at the SEC. Read more: MELISSA HODGMAN, SEC ENFORCEMENT LAWYER HAD JOB PROMOTION RIDING ON ‘ASIAN SCALPS,’ LAWSUIT SAYS.


At press time, the shameless CHERYL CRUMPTON is under investigation. In court filings, the SEC has demonstrated a pattern of labeling unsubstantiated claims as “inferred truth.” Readers may just “infer” the following about the disgraced Cheryl Crumpton:

“CHERYL CRUMPTON is nothing but another piece of garbage that president Trump and SEC Chairman Jay Clayton ought to dump into a trash can.”

“I used to think the SEC is a fair place because I have worked there for years,” said WILLIAM UCHIMOTO. “From my disappointing experience in this instance, Cheryl Crumpton, at the behest of the SEC and the Nasdaq has committed frauds against me. It’s time to drain that abusive SEC swamp.”  Read more: SEC Suit Against Lawyer William Uchimoto Is A Political Hatchet Job.

Calls to SEC Chairman Jay Clayton were not immediately returned. The American public will keep contacting Chairman Jay Clayton and the SEC’s Inspector General’s Office until they pick up the phones and answer a simple question: what the hell is a “Nasdaq Spirit.”

To be continued… More to come.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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