Coroner: The Mystery Death of Cory Monteith…

Coroner The Mystery Death of Cory Monteith...

Cory Monteith is dead, a loss for the world

Cory Monteith, the young star of Fox’s Glee was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room last weekend, shocking the TV world and the millions of Gleeks who tuned in to watch Finn Hudson every week.  The autopsy was done on Tuesday, and the Coroners Service spokeswoman Barb McClintock said in a video announcement on YouTube today that a combination of Heroin and alcohol was responsible for Monteith’s death:

According to several new outlets, fellow cast members on Glee staged an intervention for Monteith just 3 months ago, when it had become apparent that the actor had relapsed.  More details have been coming out about his long battle- Monteith had apparently started abusing marijuana at age 13 and had attended 16 different schools before quitting entirely.

Monteith reportedly lived 2 separate lives in recent years: his public life dating his good-girl co-star Lea Michele while in L.A., and his drug-fueled private life while back in Canada, where old habits came back.  RIP Finn Hudson.

The aspiring actor had a positive life that has inspired many. He will be missed.

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