Buy A Cool Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask for $12

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Buy A Cool Carbonated Bubbles Clay Mask for $12


The best way to find out what actually works is to read lots and lots of reviews. If you still need to shop for family and friends (basically every person on your list) this holiday season and have no clue what to buy, just read oodles of reviews on e-commerce sites like Amazon or Sephora.  There are so many dedicated product reviewers like you or me educating other buyers.  Seriously cool stuff out there.  Like the Milky Piggy carbonated bubble clay mask.  Really, it bubbles.


Milky Piggy’s carbonated bubble clay mask is a mere $12.  Made in Korea, the mask comes in cute packaging. And it’s all the rage here.  About six thousand reviewers have rated it around four to five stars on Amazon.  So sensitive skin types are loving it and it clears those nasty blackheads.  Nothing fancy or alternative in terms of the ingredients, but some aloe vera, pomegranate, matcha powder and cinnamon extract. It’s truly becoming a cult favorite.

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For clay masks, this one is pretty special.  Because the carbonated component of the mask actually bubbles!  This would be a terrific science experiment.  Imagine a class of thirty tweens all having a clay mask facial and assessing the time the mask is carbonated and bubbles?  And a class of better skinned teens.  It’s a ‘win win’ situation!  Apparently when the clay mask is off, your face feels extra clean and fresh.  The skin feels tighter and dryer than before, so you will need a good moisturizer if you tend to have dry skin.  Evidently, most reviewers say that their face feels like baby skin.  And who doesn’t want to have that fresh baby skin feel after?


And there you have it!  A clay mask that is carbonated and bubbles for only $12, made in Korea.  An awesome gift for every person you know!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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