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Blasting Facebook Libra, Fake Crypto Fintech Expert Chris Brummer Defrauds Congress, Legendary Maxine Waters Duped

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Blasting Facebook Libra, Fake Crypto Fintech Expert Chris Brummer Defrauds Congress, Legendary Maxine Waters Duped


So here is even more news involving the fake Fintech expert Chris Brummer, aka Dr. Bratwurst. Chris Brummer is the notoriously peevish Georgetown Law professor with an absurd degree in “German opera.” So what is it now?

Well, somehow Chris Brummer still has some “good reputation” remaining with Washington officials who know nothing about either Fintech or the Facebook’s new crypto Libra. The Chair of the House Financial Services Committee Maxine Waters must not be up to date on the truth about Chris Brummer, or more likely Ms. Waters was played like an idiot by Brummer’s made up credential in technology.

Not many people are able to make fools out of the smarter members of congress, and especially not out of Maxine Waters, a tough woman who wouldn’t put up anyone’s nonsense.  So it’s a sad state of affairs when Chris Brummer appears before Congress, and before Ms. Waters’ committee to provide “expert testimony” on Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency.

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Chris Brummer played Maxine Waters like an old fool

Doesn’t the Washington Beltway know that Chris Brummer is not just embroiled in, but at the center of controversy and scandal? If not, that’s truly a sad state of “affairs” on Capitol Hill.  Donald Trump better get in line.  Because he’s got competition in defrauding Congress and the greater Republic in general.

Chris Brummer is notorious! A quick Google search online turns up a nasty black dude from Arkansas. Brummer hasn’t worked an hour in financial services or technology, let alone a ‘Fintech’ expert.

In another word, Chris Brummer is a self-proclaimed Fintech expert, a promoter who knows zero about either “Fin” or “Tech.” Brummer is a 100% con man and complete bullshit artist.

Read More: Horrifying Court Confession: Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Implicates FINRA Top Dogs Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum Lies To FBI


So to the uninitiated, that may sound harsh.

But we’re talking about a guy in Brummer who has a degree in “German Opera” who presents himself as a crypto expert?

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Sure, Brummer still wraps himself in the austere robes of a Georgetown Law professor who has no real life experience of any sort, none! But that just makes it all so much worse. Brummer’s testimony about something that he knows nothing about is like a black man getting into the habit of consuming watermelon in the cold winner… Odd!

Brummer, aka Dr. Bratwurst, spent three years moonlighting for FINRA to pad his flimsy resume, making up false stories against a number of fellow black people, according to an investigative story published by the Forbes magazine.

Here are just a few despicable historical events about Chris Brummer revealed in easy google searches

“It was the same Chris Brummer, while attending a poorly ranked school in Tennessee, forcibly penetrated the virginity of a Southern Baptist girl named Rachel Loko, whose mother got so upset, demanding Brummer taking on the woman in a shotgun wedding to avoid potentially rape charges…”

“Then, by 2013, Brummer waved the flag of affirmative action and got himself a part time gig as the only black man sitting on the notorious FINRA NAC (FINRA National Adjudicatory Council) rubber stamp panel joyfully serving as a FINRA Uncle Tom… ”

Then by 2015, Brummer’s fraudulent path was exposed by the media. The agitated fraudster Chris Brummer vowed to shut down the internet.


“Then by 2018, as Bitcoin gained popularity among market speculators, Brummer turned himself into a crypto expert, or ‘Fintech’ expert, albeit his ZERO background in finance or tech, peddling a useless crypto called ‘BRUMMERCOIN…”

“Then by 2019, sacked with mounting credit card debts, Brummer faced multiple lawsuits charging him with crypto fraud and more seriously, lying to the FBI, DOJ and the SEC.”

“In May 2019, Brummer confessed in New York Supreme Court his role at FINRA was to rig the “independent FINRA hearing… which was what he ‘was paid to do.”


Investigations, Lies, Confessions, FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Admits FINRA Hearings ‘All Rigged,’ Robert Colby Implicated in Fraud

The list of dirty laundry for Brummer just goes on and on…

There have been, and continue to remain, several active lawsuits against Brummer and others involved.  So why is Dr. Bratwurst giving sworn, clearly unqualified “expert” testimony about Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra?  Why is a guy who promoted himself to lay investors via Fintech about how to buy Bitcoin telling Congress about the dangers of Libra?


Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Deceives Esteemed New York Justice Lucy Billings, False Sworn Affidavit Perjury, Brummer FINRA NAC lies to FBI Got Caught


I mean, seriously folks, what unsubsidized idiot doesn’t already know that Libra is dangerous and could formalize a neo-liberal, multi-national state retail entity?

Sure, Brummer knows how to hide behind the skirts of generality.  But anyone could have told Congress that Brummer’s real expertise is in being damaged, tarnished goods, and just a plain moron.

Just use the Google to search the key words ‘Chris Brummer.” The controversy is loud and Chris Brummer remains a proud con man.

Even New York’s high court ruled against Chris Brummer in his ludicrous, lunatic and moronic pursuit against the critical free media. The ink and the pen were protected, rightly so, by the prudent jurists sitting on New York’s high court crushing Brummer’s futile attempt to muzzle free press…

“Based on the facts and the law,” the appellate judges wrote in a landmark opinion, “Free press must be protected.”


CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Perv Professor Suffers Deadly Blow Against Free Speech, New York High Court Defends First Amendment

Why?  Why is Congress legitimizing this fraud?

How is Dr. Bratwurst allowed to speak as an authority before Maxine Waters?  It’s like asking a snake oil salesman to comment on climate change.

But one thing’s for sure for Chris Brummer, it’s getting hot in here.  At least one Congressional aide could have prevented this embarrassment.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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