Horrifying Court Confession: Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Implicates FINRA Top Dogs Robert Colby, Richard Ketchum Lies To FBI

Court Evidence Found FINRA General Counsel Robert Colby Implicated in Schemes, Lies to the FBI

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CHRIS BRUMMER, a shady former FINRA NAC member and Georgetown Law Center professor with a “Germanic Studies” degree, who is also known as “Dr. Bratwurst,” deserves much credit for blowing the whistle on FINRA FRAUD. The revelation of Chris Brummer’s recent sworn statement in court directly implicates FINRA top dogs ROBERT COLBY, RICHARD KETCHUM, ROBERT COOK, ALAN LAWHEAD, MICHAEL GARAWSKI, CHARLES SENATORE, MYLES EDWARDS in their lies told the FBI, DOJ and SEC, culminating in wrongful convictions of innocent black men TALMAN HARRIS and WILLIAM SCHOLANDER.

BREAKING: Chris Brummer, Peevish Georgetown Law Center Professor Sued For Fraud


In Chris Brummer’s sworn confession before the highly intelligent and esteemed New York state court justice LUCY BILLINGS, Brummer emerged as a “deep throat” within FINRA. After suffering a deadly defeat in a crusade against free speech in the New York appellate court, Chris Brummer decided to come clean.

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In an interview with the Forbes Magazine, Chris Brummer exposed FINRA fraud and cover-up in a rigged FINRA NAC kangaroo court against blacks and even non-FINRA-members – the 330 million of us living in America, appalling evidence in New York court filing shows.


CHRIS BRUMMER, Georgetown Law Perv Professor Suffers Deadly Blow Against Free Speech, New York High Court Defends First Amendment

The Forbes magazine published an investigative article that predated Chris Brummer’s startling court confession in August 2018, which had predicted the obvious: FINRA’s top dogs ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD, MICHAEL GARAWSKI and RICHARD KETCHUM lied to the FBI and engaged in a multi-year scheme to pursue fabricated charges against black men TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER, until the FINRA liars were caught pants down through Brummer’s confession.

FINRA NAC, a FINRA Kangaroo court, two black men skinned alive on a FINRA wall

In a 2013 FINRA enforcement case against black brokers TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER, FINRA accused the two black men of receiving a $350,000 “bribe” from a NASDAQ-listed company to “manipulate the stock price.”  In August 2014, FINRA NAC (a purported “independent” panel) chaired by CHRIS BRUMMER and CHARLES SENATORE supposedly found actual evidence that the two black men had taken an alleged bribe. Given FINRA’s chokehold over the fate of FINRA members, the two black men were barred from making a living in America’s financial markets.

Charles Senatore, University Chicago, Fidelity, Myles Edwards, Joan Caridi, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Michael Garawski, FINRA NAC, Chris Brummer, Rachel Loko, Nicole Gueron, Ashleigh Hunt, FBI, Germanic Studies

At least that was the “broker bribery” fake story FINRA told FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors in New York, according to court filings made by DOJ prosecutors in the court of renowned federal judge ALISON NATHAN, a story told in detail in an explosive Op-Ed published by the New Boston Post.

TALMAN HARRIS and WILLIAM SCHOLANDER appealed the FINRA bar to FINRA NAC (FINRA National Adjudicatory Council) in 2013, trusting that the supposedly “independent” FINRA NAC, or FINRA National Adjudicatory Council, which was chaired by CHRIS BRUMMER, CHARLES SENATORE would make “factual findings” of the men’s innocence.

“It turned out the FINRA NAC hearing process was rigged: FINRA NAC is a kangaroo court stuffed with ‘Uncle Toms,” notoriously stacked up against FINRA members. Historically, FINRA NAC affirms FINRA decisions against its members 100% of the time.”

As if kicking someone out of a FINRA country club wasn’t vindictive enough, FINRA went further by contacting the FBI, DOJ and SEC, importuning the government to indict TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER on the same bogus charges, which they did.

Georgetown Law Chris Brummer Deceives Esteemed New York Justice Lucy Billings, False Sworn Affidavit Perjury, Brummer FINRA NAC lies to FBI Got Caught

“FINRA specifically told the FBI and federal prosecutors that “FINRA NAC, Chris Brummer and Charles Senatore had ‘actual findings’ of criminal wrongdoing by TALMAN HARRIS and WILLIAM SCHOLANDER.”

Rogue FBI agents MATTHEW KOMAR, THOMAS MCGUIRE and a moronic former federal prosecutor DAVID MASSEY took the FINRA baits to pad their own resumes. The two black men had no chance of survival. Their families were threatened and the joy of their babies was ripped apart by FINRA and the feds.

“Riding on FINRA’s lies to the FBI and DOJ, black heads started to roll… Blood was everywhere. TALMAN HARRIS and WILLIAM SCHOLANDER were skinned alive by FINRA’s lies to the government.”

Richard Ketchum, Robert Colby, Alan Lawhead, Robert Cook, Brigitte Madrian, Luis Viceira, Jeffrey Bloom, Roert Morris, Leo Orenstein, Myles Edwards, Joan Caridi, Lucinda McConathy, Charles Senatore, FINRA

Four years later, Chris Brummer’s shocking court confession emerged: FINRA NAC had NO findings against Harris, Scholander. FINRA has lied to the FBI and DOJ.

By August 2018, Chris Brummer confessed: FINRA NAC never had any “actual findings of any wrongdoing against TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER or anyone else.

Brummer’s startling confession reads like a repulsive conspiracy concocted by imbecile DOJ New York prosecutors, fed with lies from FINRA and Chris Brummer. Chris Brummer made the following statement, under oath and in court that completely contradicts FINRA’s fake stories told the FBI about TALMAN HARRIS and WILLIAM SCHOLANDER.

Chris Brummer said in his own words:

“I did not make any of the factual findings set forth in the FINRA Hearing Panel Decision [FINRA’s lifetime bar of Talman Harris, William Scholander] dated August 16, 2013.”

“any statements that [the brokers and their friends] was responsible for promoting stock or attempting to manipulate or actually manipulating the price of any stock, I did not write them.”

“FINRA has paid the legal fees incurred on my behalf in the Brummer case [against the media].”

Duped federal prosecutors indicted two innocent black men, based on FINRA’s nonexistent “factual findings”

New York Southern District (SDNY) imbecile prosecutors SARAH EDDY, MICHAEL FERRARA and AIMEE HECTOR have never worked a day in business or finance. But their lack of experience didn’t deter the trio from polishing their own resumes by rolling black heads.

Fraud, Lies, Georgetown Law ‘Professor’ Chris Brummer, Rigged FINRA NAC Sued for Fraud, Defamation

The SDNY prosecutors were easily played like yo-yos by FINRA, despite voluminous inconsistencies in their “evidence,” such as the two men’s stock trading volumes never actually matched any stock trades in a bs “market manipulation case…” More, six months after the indictment, the prosecutors conceded in court papers they had “forgotten to review 11 months of trading data,” which just “happened to be” 90% of the entire trading volumes of the alleged “market manipulation.”


Investigations, Lies, Confessions, FINRA NAC Chris Brummer Admits FINRA Hearings ‘All Rigged,’ Robert Colby Implicated in Fraud

Blindly trusting bullshit told by FINRA, the dumb prosecutors under the notorious PREET BHARARA charged the two black men with egregious crimes based on “evidence” that the prosecutors had not even reviewed, and now directly rebutted by Chris Brummer’s confession!

Incredulously, the prosecutors said their spurious criminal case was built on “actual findings” by FINRA NAC. The government told the court that their case was orchestrated by the highest brass at FINRA: ROBERT COLBY, ALAN LAWHEAD, RICHARD KETCHUM, MICHAEL GARAWSKI, MYLES EDWARDS and current CEO ROBERT COOK.

My Wife, Ruined by Georgetown Law Center Professor Chris Brummer, Reveals the Disturbing Truth

The SDNY prosecutors had a “little birdie” named NICOLE GUERON feeding the government with “insider tips from FINRA,” including statements made to federal judge ALISON NATHAN that “Chris Brummer will testify in court against the defendants…

NICOLE GUERON is a former SDNY bureaucrat who is now, ironically, on the payroll of Chris Brummer to harass the media, bankrolled by FINRA. Money talked and BS walked. The two black men TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER were lynched by FINRA and DOJ.

Known as a racist, NICOLE GUERON pathetically lost a run for New York State Attorney General in 2018. Poor intellect, racism and bunion-infected arthritis feet blocked Gueron’s launch into the public orbit. Gueron’s husband, Carter Strickland Jr. dumped Gueron for an underage girl named ASHLEIGH HUNT, a figure prominently featured on the CLARICK, GUERON REISBAUM website.

BREAKING: Nicole Gueron, Racist New York Lawyer Rapes Black Men, But Wants to Be New York State Attorney General

With Nicole Gueron’s relentless push, the feds sent TALMAN HARRIS and WILLIAM SCHOLANDER to their gas chamber.  That was in 2017. Then the bottom for the government’s case fell off in 2018 when Chris Brummer confessed in court that FINRA had planted the bogus evidence against the two black men….

Around Christmas time in 2018, the two black men anxiously paced inside their prison cells outside Philadelphia. TALMAN HARRIS and WILLIAM SCHOLANDER are inmates rotting in jail for having broken no law. Outside their confinement, their young babies – ages 2 and 4, were crying for their daddies….


INVESTIGATIONS: How Nasdaq’s William Slattery, FINRA Robert Colby Lied to the FBI, Duped the Government

Thanks to Chris Brummer, FINRA’s top brass will be deposed in March 2019, a historic event

Chris Brummer is a sad figure. He was used by FINRA as a sacrificial lamb to muzzle critical media stories about FINRA. Despite Brummer’s suffering from a recent landmark defeat handed down by New York’s high court, Brummer has pushed forward with a bogus lawsuit against media organizations, reported by National Law Journal.

Brummer’s lawsuit provides an entry point for the press to learn the dirty inner workings of FINRA. For the first time in history, FINRA abusers and their lies to the FBI that led to false imprisonment of TALMAN HARRIS, WILLIAM SCHOLANDER will come to light.

“In the upcoming March 2019 depositions of FINRA’s Robert Colby, Robert Cook, Richard Ketchum and others, the media will crack wide open, for the first in human history, how FINRA has fabricated charges and manufactured a racist indictment against black brokers.”

Damages sought against FINRA, including the top FINRA dogs in their individual capacities could run in the hundreds of millions of dollars for FINRA’s lead roles in fabricating an enforcement case against members of the public and FINRA lies told the FBI, Forbes says.



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