Meet Christine Petraglia, A Top Investor Relations Expert Has Career Advice for Women

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Meet Christine Petraglia, the Top NYSE Investor Relations Expert Has Career Advice for Women from Goldman Sachs

CHRISTINE PETRAGLIA, a serial entrepreneur and company builder is also the managing director of a Wall Street investor relations firm CS Investor Relations. She has the right advice for women entering the professional world: “Stay focused, find a mentor and never stop learning,” the accomplished former New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Director told reporters.

Ms. Petraglia has co-founded CS Investor Relations since she left the NYSE a decade ago to offer a niche market, advising smaller but growth-oriented companies with public relations strategies. Armed with an MBA from Fordham University, Ms. Petraglia has successfully counseled many corporate clients, extending relationships and friendship along the way. TheBlot Magazine recently caught up with Ms. Petraglia during her busy client travel schedule, and sought her advice about career development, friendship and how to survive on Wall Street as a woman in a largely male-dominated world.

TheBlot Magazine: Tell TheBlot Magazine readers about your lifestyle as a top female executive on Wall Street

CHRISTINE PETRAGLIA: When I focus on client matters, I am dedicated to winning all the way for their causes. I also try to strike a balanced life. In my spare time, I find myself immersed in many of life’s pleasures…. culture, travel, epicurean, sports, art and literature, but close to my heart is mentoring and advising like-minded individuals and helping identify tools they need to improve success.

TheBlot Magazine: Can you give us an example of a dear friend or mentor who has helped launch your successful career?

CHRISTINE PETRAGLIA: Every once in a while, I highlight and bring to the forefront unique individuals I meet along the way. Those I admire through their actions, determination, and will to succeed: How approaching goals through a growth mindset by working hard, learning, achieving and always improving. This person is my friend JASON CALDWELL, a wealth manager at Goldman Sachs. Jason Caldwell doesn’t lack ambition and he never stops learning. Obstacle to him are opportunities.  He’s been a dear friend and a sounding board to me. We often talk about goals, interests, aspirations and financial security.  I helped him realize his strengths and full potential. He is the ultimate executioner.

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TheBlot Magazine: Tell us about what your mentor and friend Jason Caldwell

CHRISTINE PETRAGLIA: Jason Caldwell’s journey from a humble beginning in Baltimore’s streets to Wall Street is the type of story made for movie screens. He currently works at Goldman Sachs & Co., in the Private Wealth Management division in New York City; responsible for providing investment advice to ultra-high net worth clients. In fact, he is currently in the process of writing a memoir depicting the challenges he faced as an adolescent living in the inner city and overcoming these hardships. Jason is an active inner-city youth mentor and role model to adolescents in Baltimore that grew up in similar circumstances.  He is a true inspiration to me and others. Jason Caldwell is also a former team captain and All American-football player who was ranked 2nd in the nation for total receiving yards in one season in 2010. He is a dear friend.

TheBlot Magazine: As a female executive, what was it like for you to transition from a career at NYSE to leading small business clients at your own firm?

CHRISTINE PETRAGLIA: It’s been a fascinating experience. As a small business owner and mentor to inspiring entrepreneurs, I am blessed and honored to have applied my skills and knowledge to help build confidence, focus and impart self-worth and self-awareness professionally and personally for my clients. We are now a positive contributor to a Wall Street community with a bright future ahead for many other women. I have helped many. I find inner-peace and happiness for myself and others, one person at a time. Women on Wall Street are gaining tremendous respect and I am very proud of being part of this exciting development.

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About Christine:

CHRISTINE PETRAGLIA is an expert on career development and she helps inspire entrepreneurs and small businesses. Visit

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