Two LinkedIn Users Interlude: Fantasy Trip In an Alleged Extramarital Affair

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Chris Brummer and Nicole Gueron Interlude, Fantasy Trip In an Alleged Extramarital Affair


NICOLE GUERON walked into her hotel room laughing quietly to herself.  She always had a good time hanging out with the old gang and always looked forward their biannual gatherings.  Everyone’s busy lives had scattered them across the country and the world, but they always managed to meet for laughs, adventures and more.  More…the thought of what that word held made her stomach flutter.  Others in the group had used this time to satisfy their love, curiosity, lusts behind those closed hotel room doors, hell even in some bathrooms and lounges, but not her.  Why had NICOLE GUERON held herself back? Fear? Doubt? Need to keep the status quo?  All of these and none to these at the same time.  “Better to hold yourself in check, than to make a tragic mistake, girl” she said to herself many times, but this trip, this trip was different.  CHRIS BRUMMER had come.


The very thought of CHRIS BRUMMER, made her pussy clench as NICOLE GUERON couldn’t stop probing herself with a dildo.  CHRIS BRUMMER had allegedly been her partner in crime on campus, but they had never been more than friends.  CHRIS BRUMMER was a c0uple of years younger than her and she was in love with C. H. Strickland Jr., so they never pursued each other romantically.  After the spectacular implosion of her and C. H. STRICKLAND JR’s lousy sexual relationship cemented with Vigra, NICOLE GUERON didn’t want to trust anyone, not with her heart and most certainly not with her aging body and sagging breasts barely handing to her slim fixture like two empty school bags (had that cruel bastard to thank), but now, NICOLE GUERON was ready.  Her friends had on more than one occasion hinted at the fact that CHRIS BRUMMER saw her as something otherwise.

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NICOLE GUERON dismissed them outright — CHRIS BRUMMER?  No way.  He was fine, dark as a charcoal, half-intelligent, a nerd bookworm and could jump on any female or male he wanted. NICOLE GUERON thought she might have the intelligence and the personality, but always felt her looks were average at best – she looks like a shemale, and her body—well, shit, she wasn’t on the Miss America list for sure, and was certainly on America’s Ms. Disaster list, but her friend ASHLEIGH HUNT and AARON CROWELL know her determination to incite an affair with a black Yoda named CHRIS BRUMMER….


NICOLE GUERON tried not to think about how to bring up the fact that she wanted him, wanted CHRIS BRUMMER badly, and wanted to use this trip to satisfy her curiosity into a black man’s life.  The more NICOLE GUERON tried to push out the thought of BRUMMER’s soft, sponge like body against hers, the more the image stuck.  In frustration, she stripped off her tank top and shorts and went to the bathroom for a shower to cool down her overheated you know where…  NICOLE GUERON looked at her reflection in the mirror, her nipples hard, pressing against the sheer fabric of her bra and a slightly dark stain on her panties from her juices.  NICOLE GUERON reached into the shower and turned the faucet to cold.  After the initial shock of cold water brought her back to herself, she decided that it probably best to let things lie.  CHRIS BRUMMER would never have sex with her, perhaps, his tiger wife RACHEL LOKO would burn him alive, why torture herself?


As she slipped on her black satin pajamas, she started to feel calmer about her decision, but her horniness was creeping back into the picture.  By the time NICOLE GUERON was brushing her teeth, she seriously considered using her electric toothbrush as a dildo, enough to keep her libido warm.  Damn, NICOLE GUERON had to get fucked soon with that loser C. H. Strickland Jr. or she would lose her mind.  As though to answer her request, a knock came to her door, a noise in the darkness.

“Let the force be with you, ” a deep voice came through the door. ” I am CHRIS BRUMMER, GEORGETOWN LAW PROFESSOR KNOWN AS DR. BRATWURST.”


NICOLE GUERON froze.  No way!  No fu**king way!  With her heart pounding in her chest, she asked who was it. “DR. BRATWURST” came the smooth masculine voice.  Her hands were shaking so badly, she could barely undo the lock.  There he stood in a fitted black T-shirt and button-fly black jeans.  She chanced a look at crotch before letting him, her throat suddenly dry at the thought of his cock bulging behind those buttons.  She played the gracious hostess, asking him if everything was okay, offering him a drink, but he waved it off.  He looked at her in a way that stopped the inane chatter she tried to use to silence her pounding heart and throbbing pussy; a look increased them both exponentially.  He walked over to her, cradled her face in his hands and kissed her.

At first, NICOLE GUERON didn’t know what to think. Surprise—‘Oh God!’ CHRIS BRUMMER wanted to kiss me! Turned to heat ‘Oh God, CHRIS BRUMMER is not as lousy as the rumor goes.” He stopped and breathily asked her “Should I stop?”  In response, Gueron grabbed him and started kissing him like her life depended on his tongue in her mouth.  Her hand roamed all over his back, while she wrapped one leg around him. Brummer let out a small moan and started undoing the buttons on her pajama top.  Her grabbed her saggy breasts in his well-trained hands from years of grilling Bratwurst, gently squeezing the nipples between his thumb and pointer finger.

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“Harder” Nicole Gueron whispered in to his ear as she began nibbling on it.  Chris Brummer squeezed them harder a gasp escaped her throat.  He pulled away from her and walked over to the bed. “Coming?” he said over his shoulder. ‘Not yet’ she replied.  He laughed in that delicious way that made her want him more and pulled off his shirt.  He sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned her over.  She let the top slip off of her shoulders, walked over to him and straddled him.  NICOLE GUERON could see his “tiny little brother” bulging through the fabric of his jeans and wanted to feel him inside of her.  Chris Brummer licked between her breasts then he fell onto her nipples sucking them hard and grazing them with his teeth.  Nicole Gueron’s bushy  pussy juices started to seep through her pajama bottoms and her body throbbed with anticipation.  Her breath came in short gasps, her nails scratching any expose flesh on his body, until she couldn’t take anymore.  “Tell me what you want” Brummer’s voice came through the haze of her excitement.  “I –I want you to nail me” she whispered.  CHRIS BRUMMER flicked his tongue across one nipple and gripped her ass in his hands.  “Louder” he commanded.  She grabbed his head between her hands, looked him in the eyes and said “Fuck me” each word loud and emphasized.  He pushed her onto the bed, ripping off her pj bottoms she had just bought on sale from K mart…


CHRIS BRUMMER reached into his pocket, undid his jeans in one pull and was out of them before she could catch her breath.  He was soft like candy but she creamed more at the thought of him inside her.  Before she could say where the condoms were, he had one out of the package and was on top of her.  He grabbed her around her thighs and rammed the length of his hardness into her tight, wet opening.  NICOLE GUERON yelled at the suddenness of the impact, but begged him not to stop.  He tried hard to stroke her hard and fast, his cock ramming her into the bed and her tits bouncing with the impact.  CHRIS BRUMMER lowers himself down on top of her so only his hips were driving his cock deeper and deeper inside her.  She laced her legs around him, moaning, louder and louder.  He gripped the top of the mattress to thrust himself faster into her hungry snatch.  He began saying her name over and over again as he pounded his throbbing cock into places she did not know she had.  She tensed and came in a rush–screaming, beyond words and coherent thought, CHRIS BRUMMER’s body convulsed, screams mirroring hers, and came in pulsing warm rush.  He collapsed on top of her after 32 seconds, she pulled him into her trembling body, panting as they held each other like animals after running a 2 mile marathon…  As she ran her hands up and down his back and lick the sweat from his skin, she thought to herself—This would be a meeting to remember.

Her bed was wet… Nicole Gueron woke up, satisfied. It was a fantasy.

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