Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Dr. Bratwurst with Degree in Germanic Studies Touts Crypto Scam

Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Dr. Bratwurst with Degree in Germanic Studies Touts Crypto Scam

Chris Brummer, the creepy cryptocurrency fraudster has a strange taste for juicy Bratwurst

CHRIS BRUMMER, the scandalous Georgetown Law Center nutty professor with ZERO work experience in any real life job is again attracting media attention as the murky cryptocurrency world’s latest scammer ready to clean out your bank accounts.

Folks, watch out! Chris Brummer is notorious! Infamous as the “Georgetown law Dr. Bratwurst,” a fancy title attributed to his laughable background in “Germanic Studies” – a BS “degree” from spinning German with an Arkansas accent, swallowing down bratwurst sausages and salivating over naked women in massage parlors during Oktoberfest…


BREAKING: Defending Free Speech, TheBlot Magazine Wins Support from Electronic Frontier Foundation, Exposes FINRA Abuses, Chris Brummer Fraud

“Riding on the coattails of affirmative action throughout his life, Brummer finds his roots in the bushes of rural Arkansas, growing up furtively watching wild pigs mate in the woods.”


Barely graduated from a bratwurst cooking camp on the outskirts of Berlin, Brummer has had a tough time holding down a job. After getting his student RACHEL LOKO pregnant in a classroom kitchen, Brummer headed to the world of academia, uttering nonsense, waving the flag of affirmative action, wildly claiming his blue blood as a descendant of Abraham Lincoln…


Chris Brummer, FINRA NAC Panel Member Has Degree in Grilling Bratwurst, No Reg

Soon, Brummer landed a job in the “kitchen” of Georgetown Law Center preparing food for German visitors.  But Brummer wasn’t satisfied – he had a greater ambition and a knack for the hottest scam in the world, touting cryptocurrencies as his latest recipe to charm the pants off senior citizens and Washington DC politicians. In March 2018, the Dr. Bratwurst Chris Brummer was told to talk about his experience peddling fake bitcoins to Congress and the grandmas in Germany.


But Brummer hasn’t worked an hour in finance or technology. Also known as Dr. Zero, Chris Brummer has zero experience in business, finance or agriculture.

Chris Brummer is 100% bullshit artist

Sources on Capitol Hill say Chris Brummer is the world’s latest, shameless promoter of fraudulent cryptos, the types the Securities and Exchange Commission has repeatedly warned the public to stay away from. The SEC recently warned the public that the world of cryptocurrencies are ripe with fraudulent claims, which are worthless digital tokens. Despite the SEC warning, Chris Brummer could care less as long as his pockets are filled with duped investors cash.

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Affairs, Fraud, Lies Sink CFTC Nominee Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law ‘Dr. Bratwurst’

Chris Brummer, ‘money talks, bullshit walks’ – The Forbes Magazine story

“Chris Brummer wouldn’t care about some grandma losing her life savings on his crypto tout,” said a source on Capitol Hill who is intimately familiar with Brummer’s background. “This is not the first time Chris Brummer has been accused of committing a massive fraud. Except, this time the folks in Congress were also played like fools by Brummer.”

Piling on Chris Brummer’s latest a cryptocurrency scams is a long history of allegations of fraud, extramarital affairs and lawsuits against him over the years. In November 2017, Chris Brummer was sued in New York for committing $100 million fraud, exposed by the Forbes Magazine in an investigative story entitled: Lawsuit Counter Claim: FINRA Actions Led To Fraud Accusations Against Non-Members.

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More, Brummer lied about his background as a “law partner” at global law firm Cravath, Swain & Moore, when in fact, according to sources, he was a rookie apprentice stationed outside a toilet, who was terminated after a few months on a cleaning job. Brummer also hid an entangled relationship with the ex-convict Michael Milken as Milken’s paid front to abet a Milken fraud. The list of Brummer’s lies could stretch from Arkansas to Mississippi.

More troubling is the fact that Chris Brummer endlessly touts a self-appointed title as the “faculty director” of Georgetown Law School’s “institute of International Economic Law.” Truth revealed Brummer’s so-called “Institute of International Economic Law” is a one-man show masquerading Brummer’s scheme to entice grandma donors to pony up for a trap that would fund Brummer’s yearend bonus.

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Bill Singer, Brokeandbroker Lawyer Lashes Out at FINRA NAC Abuse, Chris Brummer Fraud

In February 2017, President Trump took notice about the Brummer fraud and issued an order withdrawing a highly unqualified Obama “leftover” CFTC nominee, the notorious Georgetown Law Center imbecile professor CHRIS BRUMMER. Trump is right: Chris Brummer is dirty. Backed by the criminal Michael Milken and Milken’s large contributions to the Democratic Party Campaign Committee, Chris Brummer bought a nomination to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 2016.

But the U.S. Senate quickly reacted to reject Brummer, without ever holding a vote – a characteristic manifestation of a completely unqualified nominee. Without the Senate support, Chris Brummer’s political aspiration remained an “aspiration,” or more precisely, a fiction in a fantasy land. Read more: SENATE REJECTS GEORGETOWN PROFESSOR CHRIS BRUMMER CFTC NOMINATION, DR. BRATWURST “BURNED” IN FRAUD.

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“The government is full of waste. Chris Brummer is the obvious trash for the dumpster,” said a source inside the Trump White House.


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