Using Child Leash, Harness on Precocious Kids Not Abusive

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Using Child Leash, Harness on Precocious Kids Not Abusive


To leash a child or not leash a child?  This is an unspoken topic amongst many parents and non-parents. Some people believe it’s abusive leash a child while others feel it saves them the hassle of running after their child in traffic.  Or more simply, just keeping them alive. Many families have used this simple technique for decades, dating back as far as the sixteenth century.  The earliest evidence goes back to a painting of the young Louis XV who wore a child leash aka a child harness. Many families of a precocious child opt for the child leash.  And they do not believe it is abusive in the least. Just ask a Chinese grandfather who was babysitting his triplet granddaughters!


Louis the Beloved is the young boys nickname in the portrait. With a name like that it is probable that he was loved.  However, his caregiver needed to teach him to stay near, versus running amok.  The painting depicts a very happy little boy.  The family looks loving and the leash does not look abusive.  However, everyone in the painting looks very stressed and ready to run after the young one. But it sure seems like the precocious child is the one abusing the adults. Thankfully, he is wearing a child leash. Using harnesses on kids to keep them safe has been around a long time.

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A grandfather posted a video of himself walking his three triplet granddaughters.  This video went viral because they were all wearing a child leash.  People really freaked out about it.  Many thought the leashes were abusive.  But their mother explained that it would be extremely difficult for him to care for the 2-year old girls without a child leash.  Evidently, the three girls are each extremely challenging.  But they are also fun! This is a good strategy in keeping a precocious child safe in busy streets. The mother explained that they could run away, thus only the child leash will keep them safe.  Simple child safety is not abuse!

But little dogs in strollers is another matter entirely.  That’s totally abusive, right?  No one should have to see that.  But dogs in a harness?   No problem!

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