BREAKING: Celebs Who Showed the Most Boobs on Halloween, From Fergie to … Matt Lauer?

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BREAKING Celebs Who Showed the Most Boob on Halloween

Men love boobs, women love boobs, everyone in Hollywood seems to get crazy about boobs these days.

It’s not officially Halloween without some skimpy costumes, and celebrities are no better than the average sorority girl. Everyone from A-list celebrities to supermodels and talk show hosts indulge in “the one day where it’s acceptable to dress like a slut.” Some girls eagerly wait all year for this rare opportunity, so when the night rolls around, they go big —  mostly on top. This year, five celebrities in particular have proudly taken on the task of showing as much skin as possible. Some of them you’d totally expect to pop out of their costumes, but a few of these tricks will surprise you. Even more impressive is that their slutty costumes all paid homage to an O.G. ho before them. Feast your eyes on the celebrities who showed the most boob this Halloween.

The world was waiting to see what shocking costume Miley would wear this year, so she called upon the original queen of shock. Somewhere Lil Kim is thinking, “Aww, cute for trying.” Via Instagram
Dare we say that Matt Lauer might have the best rack out of the whole bunch?

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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