How to Celebrate 4/20 Legally in Colorado

How to Celebrate 420 Legally in Colorado

4/20 is written 4/20

This is written by Americans (most of the world would put the day first, 20/4), and 420 is the slang/alleged police code for marijuana smoking. So, potheads around the country have spent numerous April 20s sparking up in public and then going home to wait for the pizza deliveryman. This April 20 will be the first when pot is legal in Colorado. And like the go-getters who settled the Centennial State, today’s Coloradans have some interesting ways to mark the occasion.

To start with, High Times magazine is hosting its Cannabis Cup on April 19 and 20. What’s that? “It’s a two-day trade show/EXPO incorporating vendor booths in a main building with an extended outdoor component for additional vendor booths.” That’s right, boys and girls, it’s a damn business convention. The difference is they’re talking about pot and not aluminum siding.

The High Times people seem determined to prove that marijuana can be as dull as selling dental equipment: “Inside booths range from glassware and clothing to grow equipment and artwork. Expect three seminars per day either in a sectioned off area off the main floor or in a private theater-like setting.”


Of course, there is a bit of a difference: “The seminar topics include legalization regulations featuring Denver experts, current political issues, grow seminars with HIGH TIMES editors and a cooking seminar from our own Cannabis Cookbook author.” And there is something they’re calling the Cannabis Freedom Trail, which appears to be a pot tasting from the various shops in town. Attendees will get to vote on their favorite, and the winner will get the glory and all the marketing value from receiving the first-ever People’s Cup. It’s a little hipper, but not much different, from winning Real Estate Agency of the Year. Anyway, it will be April 19-21, Denver Mart, 451 East 58th Avenue, Suite 4270, Denver, CO 80216-8470. Phone: 303.292.6278 or 800.289.6278.

Rivaling the High Times contest is one from the Green Light District, LLC (GLD), which it claims is the first-ever open cannabis competition in Colorado with $7,500 in cash along with merchandise awarded to the winners in three cannabis categories. “The GLD will be presenting a competition that allows for both licensed and private growers to compete for prizes and bragging rights to see who REALLY the best growers are around. Unlike the High Times competition, this one allows for anyone over the age of 21 to enter. Booths will be available to rent, as well as different levels of entry fees depending on the type of participation desired, including the option to be a judge at the competition!”
That’s on Sunday, April 20, City Hall Events Center, 1144 Broadway Denver CO 80203.


If being a Mile High in Denver doesn’t appeal, the good folks at Colorado Green Adventures (self-proclaimed “the world’s first cannabis friendly eco tourism company) can offer a few things away from Denver. Each requires a VALID ID, and you have to be 21 or over.

First, there’s the Colorado Cannabis Workshop: “This is an intensive show and tell workshop in which the mechanisms and etiquette of cannabis consumption and paraphernalia use are explored and explained. Our interactive and hands on presentation covers the cannabis plant from historical background & chemistry, to preparations and consumption, to cannabis and Colorado law.”

As an alumnus of the University of Colorado in Boulder I am proud to note that CGA also offers the Boulder Marijuana Dispensary Tour. “After a quick orientation, participants will stop and tour the two recreational marijuana stores currently open to the general public in and around the town of Boulder; Terrapin Care Station, and Karing Kind Dispensary. The full slate of recreational cannabis products are now available for public purchase at these locations, including buds, hash, oils and concentrates, and all types of smoking and vaporizing hardware.”

And there is also the Mountain Marijuana Tour: “This jaunt includes a drive up spectacular Boulder Canyon to Nederland, a local mountain town long known for its underground cannabis growers and high quality marijuana [personally, I find the place a shit-hole — JM]. After stopping to enjoy the views and shopping, participants visit the Canary’s Song, a local marijuana retailer noted for their organic grow processes and selection of top shelf strains. A short drive on the gorgeous Peak-to-Peak Highway offers views of the continental divide, then down Left Hand Canyon and back to the plains, with a stop at Karing Kind, North Boulder’s first recreational cannabis dispensary.”


Of course, there are still places in the Centennial State where you’re desire to be as high as the Rockies will go unfulfilled. Over on the western slope, Grand Junction (population about 60,000) has decided not to allow weed sales in their fair town, so you’ll have to bring your own.

Ever wonder what it’s like to hunt Easter eggs stoned? The fact that 4/20 this year happens to fall on Easter offers an exceptional opportunity for mischief and mayhem. The Easter Bunny usually brings chocolate, and the good people at IncrEdibles offer several chocolate bars laced with hash oil.

And if you do go to Colorado to spark up, remember you are not allowed to leave the state with pot. It is still illegal under federal law. Yes, the whole stupid prohibition thing is collapsing under its own weight of illogic, but do you really want a federal arrest charge to end your vacation? Leave it with a friend.

For further ideas, check out our good friends at Denver’s alternative paper Westword and the Boulder Daily Camera.

And for the record, I don’t use anything harder than PG Tips tea.

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