How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint and Increase your Cool

How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint and Increase your Cool


It’s maybe not the main problem on everyone’s minds right now, but reducing your carbon footprint is still a really important way you can individually attempt to save the environment. There are many ways to do this, and each and every one will make you a cooler, more hip, more fun to be around person. 

I’m no Al Gore, but I do happen to have a few ways you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. But your reward for doing these things doesn’t have to be just the fact that you are single-handedly saving the environment. The REAL reward is this: you will become COOL. Here’s how:

1. BECOME A VEGAN – Eating meat, especially red meat, is pretty bad for the environment, so switch out a couple of those steak dinners for some lovely chicken. OR just become vegetarian or vegan! Being vegan is the best way to minimize your carbon footprint AND you will be able to go to all those cool new hip vegan restaurants and not look like a douche-bag. You HAVE to eat there, you’re vegan!

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2. RIDE A SICK BIKE AROUND – One huge way to reduce your carbon footprint is to stop driving a car. We can see the air took black around us, so you know it can’t be good to be driving hours and hours a week. So why don’t you get a bike?? You can get a super cool old one and fix it up and learn a lot about bikes and then hang out at those hipster caffe slash bike-shop places! Imagine how cool you would look there!

3. WEAR VINTAGE CLOTHES – We have entered into a world of “fast fashion” where we are buying and throwing away enormous quantities of clothing every year. We have stopped buying well-made clothes because they cost more and have switched to buying cheaply-made clothes because they cost less. The problem is they are horrible for the environment. So buy vintage! These clothes are old, well-made and will DEFINITELY make you cool! Go hang out in some coffee shop somewhere and woo that girl reading a hardback book. You can do it!


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4. CREATE MOOD LIGHTING – The energy we waste in the home is outrageous, but you can fix it! Get LED and energy-saving light-bulbs, then turn most of them off. You don’t need all of those lights on ALL the time, and when you turn most of them off, you get great romantic mood lighting. This cannot fail at making you the cool roomie in your house.

5. BECOME A POLITICAL ACTIVIST – Ever since 45 was allowed to walk into the White House it has become super fucking cool to be a political activist. There are so many things to fight for! And one of them is ABSOLUTELY the health of our environment. So call your representatives, write letters, go to protests and rallies. Make your voice heard and be a cool mother fucking badass.

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