Can You Tell These White People Apart?

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Can You Tell These White People Apart

If you haven’t already heard about the Samuel L. Jackson debacle, where KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin got the A-lister mixed up with Laurence Fishburne, watch below.  Trust me — it’s hilarious.

And Rubin was instantly labeled a racist. Oops. If you turn the tables, though, it probably wouldn’t be considered racist for someone who is non-white to confuse two Caucasian persons. If it were, however, there are several famous faces that could be mixed up to start an uproar. Hey, some white people just look the same…

Kristen Stewart (left): Former child star known for her work in the “Twilight” movies
Jena Malone (right): Former child star known for her work in the “Hunger Games” movies

Seth Green (left): Former child actor made famous by the “Austin Powers” franchise in 1997
Jamie Kennedy (right): Got two big breaks in “Romeo + Juliet” and “Scream” back in 1996


Leighton Meester (left): Played the creepy girl in “The Roommate”
Minka Kelly (right): Played the creepy girl’s roommate in “The Roommate”


Leonardo DiCaprio (left): Remember “Growing Pains?”
Eric Dane (right): Remember “Charmed?”


Amanda Seyfried (left): Landed 27 episodes of “As the World Turns” as a teenager
Dakota Fanning (right): World famous by the age of 7 for “I am Sam”


Ralph Fiennes (left): The bad guy in “Schindler’s List”
Liam Neeson (right): The good guy in “Schindler’s List”


Zooey Deschanel (left): Ended a two-year marriage with musician Ben Gibbard in 2011
Katy Perry (right): Ended a 14-month marriage with Russell Brand in 2011


Kevin Costner (left): Known for the baseball flick “Field of Dreams”
Dennis Quaid (right): Known for the football flick “Any Given Sunday”

Nicole Kidman (left): The love interest of a bat in “Batman Forever”
Naomi Watts (right): The love interest of an ape in “King Kong”


Jesse Eisenberg (left): Played Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network”
Andy Samberg (right): Played Mark Zuckerberg on “Saturday Night Live”

Natalie Portman (left): Played Queen Amidala in “Star Wars: Episode I”
Keira Knightley (right): Became famous for playing Queen Amidala’s double in “Star Wars: Episode I”

Me (left): Not famous
Elvis Presley (right): The king of rock ‘n’ roll

 NY Minute Premiere NYC

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Not gonna lie — I have no clue which one is which

Tyson Beckford (left): Oops, he’s not white. I’m officially racist.
Tyrese Gibson (right): Wait … they do look alike, right? RIGHT?!?!?

I hope Sam Jackson doesn’t read this.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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