Cafe Does Latte Portraits of Millennials

Give a voice to the voiceless!

Cafe Does Latte Portraits of Millennials


A vacation in a cup can be a glass of wine or an expensive coffee for some folks.  Ever have a Barista make you a beautiful design on top of your frothy milk latte?  A heart or funky wave?  Some Baristas are so talented they can make other pretty designs like a squirrel or a pumpkin.  But what about getting your face or your friends face designed on your foam? If you’re the kind of customer who is into themselves, you need to go to Taiwan’s Let’s Cafe.  They will snap a shot of you and then you can drink a shot of…yourself! It’s like a cappuccino but with a selfie.  You could call it a selfie-ccino!  Portraits rendered in your coffee are now here.


Let’s Cafe wanted to create a better café experience than the usual bigger, more established chains.  And their solution was to create a milk latte with a little extra! And that little extra is a selfie.  They can create a milk latte with art customization that is “ridiculously unique and fun”.  Before ordering their coffee, staff ask customers to take a selfie.  This selfie is sent to a specialized coffee machine.  After the machine processes the request, it sprinkles a drinkable powder that kind of looks better than the original! A selfi-ccino!  So for those who want to see their portraits in their yuppie beverage, here you go!

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But Let’s Cafe is not the first to get fancy with their latte art.  The World Latte Art Championship has been at it since 2006.  It’s held all over the world. This year it will be hosted in Belo Horizonte, Brazile.  The official rules are twenty-four pages long and are pretty intense.  This is not for the faint at heart and Baristas all over the world take this very seriously.  There is not a selfie, nor are there group pics on any latté.  Participants take part in three separate rounds and it’s intense and amazing.

Now all we need are porn latte competitions.  What could go wrong?

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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