Burn Calories On Your Holiday Shopping Workout

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Burn Calories On Your Holiday Shopping Workout


Almost everyone I know gets either fat or flabby over the holidays.  Why?  Because they eat too much, drink too much and don’t move enough.  So how can you break the cycle and workout like a champ if you can’t go to the gym and consume the right calories? For one, there’s shopping, cleaning and babysitting, especially a fat baby.  Then add some gentle squats and leg lifts while watching the big screen and sipping on your low-calorie egg nog.  And think “I won’t get flabby, I won’t get fat.” Mind over matter also helps burn calories.  Seriously, shopping burns calories too!


Shopping for groceries burns calories.  And we all have a lot of groceries to buy over the holidays.  Technically, standing in the checkout also burns calories. A 155-pound person can burn 130 calories in 30 minutes of walking while doing their groceries.  Shopping burns calories.  If shopping in a big mall is your thing, you are guaranteed to burn much more than 130 calories per half hour.  Just standing in line at Target can help you burn calories, stay fit and be healthy this holiday season. You are on track to not becoming flabby or fat over the holidays.

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Tidying inside and outside your home burns calories. Mowing the lawn for only 20 minutes burns more calories than a power walk.  But that’s if you use a good old push mower.  Let’s face it, a push mower is much better for your lawn.  Just invest in one and see your body stay leaner, while your grass grows greener than the entire block.  Of course, you can’t mow your lawn if there’s snow.


Babysitting alone will get you running after kids.  But babysitting a fat baby will help you develop arm and back strength, as well as develop a solid core. Babies need to be lifted and held.  Some love to be help up high and swung around.  Good luck with that.  This is your opportunity to train if you can’t get to a weight room.  If a fat baby isn’t an option, then heavier canned goods could do the trick instead.  There would just be less engagement.  And that’s a canned opinion.

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