BREAKING: Timothy W Brown, Shady Ambulance Chasing Brown Law Firm Brownbag Federal Judge Robert Sweet

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BREAKING, Timothy W Brown, Shady Ambulance Chasing Brown Law Firm Brownbag Federal Judge Robert Sweet

Meet Timothy W Brown, The Tiny Brown Law Firm, Ambulance Chasing lawyers Exposed

TIMOTHY W BROWN, an ambulance chasing lawyer of an obscure The Brown Law Firm, P.C. is a one-man “lemonade stand” based out of a cheap strip mall in Oyster Bay, New York.

“Besides feeding on free oysters sucked out of the heavily polluted industrial waters, Timothy W. Brown practices on the murky side of the law as a plaintiff’s lawyer – suing anything that breathes – your mom, dad, cats and dogs.”


Meet Midget Lawyer Timothy W Brown, The Brown Law Firm, Plunger and the Toilet

TIMOTHY W BROWN is arguably a midget lawyer – very short on the law, according to several sources who know the man well. A depressed soul who barely stands 5-feet tall even with a pair of “cross-dressing high heels” and a “bikini” underwear, Timothy Brown struggles to stay alive in a sinking business, according to multiple sources who are familiar with Brown’s background.

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“Sources say Timothy Brown and The Brown Law Firm have an excellent track record of lying to judges, losing just about any case and getting clients stuck in the mud.”

Apart from a cheap $6 Afro haircut from Supercuts sitting atop a largely empty brain, sources also state Timothy W. Brown specializes in a business model of shaking down business executives, blackmailing companies into submissions to fake “corporate governance changes” in so-called shareholder derivative actions.

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Oysters, Squid or calamari

If what Timothy W Brown does still sounds all too messy for the clam and squid farmers in Oyster Bay, an easy translation provides an overture of Timothy W. Brown’s business model: making up bullshit accusations against companies and squeezing their white-shoe insurance companies into paying out a hefty ransom.

“Like the oysters, squid or calamari soaked in tomato source, Timothy W. Brown is in the legal extortion business,” industry experts have pointed out.

One of Timothy W Brown and his tiny The Brown Law Firm’s many victims is a fast-growing public company listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market called 6D Global Technologies, Inc., which is a promising digital marketing business with marquee customers such as Verizon, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft. The company’s was booming: new customers came along, and new employees were added. Business was great for its shareholders until it was sacked with a “brown bag” in 2015 – a fake lawsuit by Timothy W Brown, the notorious ambulance chaser.

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Failed Blackmail, Timothy W. Brown lost his panties in the New York federal court

In 2015, Timothy W. Brown was hungry and horny for money. The “brown horny hog” attacked 6D Global Technologies, accusing the company of bad management. Headed by its entrepreneurial founder CEO Tejune Kang, a Korean American originally from the Silicon Valley, the company pushed back hard against Brown’s fake stories, refusing to settle for a six-figure payout.


I Asked My Friend to Show Me His Uncircumcised Penis, And…

Timothy W. Brown was in deep trouble: 6D wasn’t an easy pushover. The company hired esteemed lawyer TOM FINI of Catafago FINI, a formidable litigation boutique in the Empire State Building.

“Facing off the famed litigation attorney TOM FINI, a Marathon runner and a legal giant, the Timothy W Brown ambulance wagon burned up in flames in court.”

For nearly 3 years since 2015, Brown’s relentless extortion wound its way through the New York federal court and ended up on the docket of the beloved 95-year old federal judge Robert Sweet. Judge Sweet is a towering figure in New York’s legal circles. The well-respected jurist judge Sweet wouldn’t put up any of Timothy W. Brown’s nonsense – despite Timothy Brown’s attempt to “brownbag” the federal judge with lies.

Brownbag a federal judge

In a lousy court performance, Timothy W. Brown was caught pants down, exposed to the public his “brown weenie.” The brazen Timothy W. Brown insinuated in open court that the famed federal judge Robert Sweet was too old to hear his fake story, a cheap shot the judge didn’t take kindly.

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“Mr. Brown, why are you attempting to brownbag this court?” the jurist chastised the ambulance chaser Timothy W Brown, according to sources who were present in court. “You don’t have a case abusing this company.”

On May 17, 2018, Judge Robert W. Sweet issued a landmark opinion, rejecting The Brown Law Firm’s fake claims against 6D Global Technologies in a fabricated shareholder derivative action, finding that the corporate ethics reforms contemplated by Timothy W Brown was nothing short of total bullshit.


INVESTIGATIONS: Fraud, Lies, Timothy W Brown, Perverted Country Lawyer Implicated in Multiple Frauds, MeToo Sex Scandal

Law360 and Lexology Legal Research both reported that this decision against Timothy W. Brown reflects a continued trend, as in Delaware courts, of enhanced judicial scrutiny of non-monetary shareholder settlements as well as shareholder suits more generally, and serves as a reminder that judges increasingly expect class action settlements involving enhanced corporate compliance programs to contain real and meaningful compliance reforms.


Judge Bans “Revenge Porn” Kingpin Hunter Moore From the Internet

“Timothy W Brown is a loser, a total loser in business, in life and in bed,” said a source familiar with Brown’s history. “Everyone knows this midget Timothy W. Brown is a pervert. Just look at his Afro head, this POS is just too full of himself… he must be masturbating too much…”

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