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Reddy Annappareddy, Indian American Defeats Prosecutors Fraud, Lies

REDDY ANNAPPAREDDY, an FBI fabricated nightmare

REDDY ANNAPPAREDDY is a successful Indian American entrepreneur and a pharmacist from Baltimore Maryland. A devoted husband and a father of two young children – both born and raised in Baltimore, Mr. Annappareddy once owned a pharmacy delivery business that stretched across six states. In 2013, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Maryland. The next day, he was raided by the FBI. The government’s thinking behind the search was troubling:

“An Indian-run business couldn’t possibly be that profitable. Reddy Annappareddy must have committed a crime.”

Soon after the FBI visit, Mr. Annappareddy was charged with Medicare fraud. Read more: Federal judge dismisses fraud case, blasts prosecutors’ actions.

An Asian immigrant, a bullseye on the back

Like other immigrants, Reddy Annappareddy has a “strange name” and a bullseye on his back: He’s too successful in America! Years ago, Mr. Annappareddy arrived in the U.S. with two empty suitcases to pursue his college education. Through hard work, he built a great company and employed dozens of people.

Mr. Annappareddy’s success attracted the unwanted attention from poorly educated, but deeply jealous Maryland federal prosecutors and rogue FBI agents who were eager to pad their thin resumes. His fame wasn’t enough to fend off unreasonable searches and seizures prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. Thus began a dark legal odyssey that would last more than three years. “It’s like a knife on my throat. You don’t know what’s tomorrow going to bring,” Annappareddy told reporters at National Public Radio.

Politics was at the center of his case. The Maryland U.S. attorney behind Reddy Annappareddy’s indictment is Rod Rosenstein, who recently achieved infamy as the deputy attorney general who betrayed his old friend and former FBI director James Comey. Rosenstein’s underling SANDRA WIKINSON was the prosecutor breathing down Mr. Annappareddy’s neck. Research revealed the Maryland office is rife with racist prosecutors. One prominent figure is a short and chubby woman named CHERYL CRUMPTON.


CHERYL CRUMPTON, STEVE SUSSWEIN, Melissa Hodgman, Derek Bentsen, Patrick Feeney, Joshua Braunstein, SEC, FINRA, Tracy Timbers, Meredith MacLachlan Timbers, David Massey, RKO

CHERYL CRUMPTON, a former Maryland prosecutor sitting in Wikinson’s office was recently caught lying and cheating in New York federal court, exposed in an investigative article: Cheryl Crumpton, Steven Susswein, SEC Imbeciles Want $30 Asian ScalpsAnxious to pad her flimsy resume, Cheryl Crumpton jumped ship to the Securities and Exchange Commission, praying that she could puff a bio burning Asian scalps as a springboard for a lucrative job in the private sector.

“When SANDRA WIKINSON secretly told FBI agents to destroy boxes of evidence that would have completely shattered the government’s fake story, the case took a sharp turn against the government.”

Justice finally arrived – only three years too late. An outraged federal judge noted the government’s misconduct in 2016 and dismissed the case. Reddy Annappareddy beat the odds but paid a steep price: He lost his house and his prosperous business built with his bare hands.

Read more: Associated Press: Federal judge dismisses fraud case, blasts prosecutors

Lying FBI agents fabricated a case, ‘it will happen to you’

Mr. Annappareddy said he became a target of zealous prosecution and rogue FBI agents when a disgruntled former employee had failed to extort him. Sandra Wilkinson lied to the jury that Reddy Annappareddy had fleeced the government.

REDDY ANNAPPAREDDY, Indictment, FBI raid, FBI agent MATT KOMAR, THOMAS MCGUIRE, SDNY, AUSA David Massey, Tracy Timbers, Melissa Hodgman, Derek Bentsen, Cheryl Crumpton, SEC

With borrowed money, Reddy Annappareddy mounted a rigorous defense. Before long, a pattern of problems with the Justice Department’s fake case surfaced. Rather than losses, there was in fact a surplus. Government actually made money off Mr. Annappareddy’s services.

“The falsified evidence went to the core of the case,”  Mr. Annappareddy said. “The prosecutors and FBI agents knowingly lied to the judge and the jury.”

Then more gut-wrenching lies were revealed: The lead FBI agent, Maura Lating, testified that she had found traces of Mr. Annappareddy’s alleged crime through phone logs. Turns out, the moronic FBI agent MAURA LATING got the wrong phone records from the wrong phone company. The government then tried hard to cover up key evidence from the court until they were ordered by the judge to stop their outright bullshit.

“An FBI agent confessed he had received an order from the lead prosecutor, SANDRA WIKINSON, to get rid of four boxes of records, out of hundreds the authorities had gathered.”

“Those boxes contain delivery signature logs that showed that patients had received prescriptions,” the judge noted. “And the documents prosecutor SANDRA WIKINSON ordered destroyed would have shown there was never a fraud.”

Federal judge: ‘Damn FBI agents, prosecutors lied in my court’

The government’s deliberate document destruction exacerbated the situation. Federal judge GEORGE RUSSELL found the misconduct “shock the conscience of this court.” Judge George L. Russell III blasted prosecutors and FBI agents, saying “prosecutors failed to disclose evidence, presented significant false testimony at trial and destroyed evidence.” Sitting in the courtroom that day, wearing his blue cotton shirt with his firm’s Pharmacare logo, Reddy Annappareddy had run out of tears. “I got hurt, you know. All I did was building my American dream through honest, hard work,” Mr. Annappareddy said. “Don’t government agents have a duty to be honest? Such injustice isn’t what America is about.”

Reddy Annappareddy never received an apology from the government. But his nightmare wasn’t a pure coincidence either. Law enforcement misconduct is rampant across America, according to public statements made by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL): “The type of misconduct Mr. Annappareddy has suffered from is far too common.”

Rogue FBI agents Matt Komar, Thomas McGuire, liars got caught in New York

While Mr. Annappareddy breathes a sigh of relief in Maryland, an identical pattern of government cheating to win is quickly unraveling in a New York federal court. Corrupt and malicious FBI agent MATT KOMAR (FBI shield #22666), FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE (NY Bar registration #3020781) falsified evidence, misled prosecutors, lied to federal judges, got caught lying, cheating and stealing in cases involving courageous financiers David Ganek and Benjamin Wey.

DAVID GANEK, level Global, FBI agent Thomas McGuire, FBI agent Matt Komar, Mario Pisano, David Massey, Tracy Timbers, SDNY, Derek Bentsen, Cheryl Crumpton, Patrick Feeney, Melissa Hodgman, SEC

“FBI agents MATT KOMAR, THOMAS MCGUIRE and former SDNY prosecutor DAVID MASSEY were caught pants down falsifying evidence. They have destroyed billion dollar businesses built by David Ganek and Benjamin Wey.”

The esteemed New York federal judge Alison Nathan held a rare “Franks Hearing” on Jan 23, 2017 to investigate if “the Government acted in good faith.”  The investigative background against rogue FBI agents MATT KOMAR, THOMAS MCGUIRE shocks the conscience of the Court.


FBI AGENT MATT KOMAR, AGENT THOMAS MCGUIRE, David Massey, AUSA, Tracy Timbers, FRANKS HEARING, Richards Kibbe Orbe, Jon Kibbe, Bill Orbe, Daniel Zinman, Melissa Hodgman, Steven Susswein, SEC

Gathered from the various media reports:

The notorious FBI agent MATT KOMAR (shield #22666), who repeatedly lied under oath, is the same lying fraudster being sued for fraud in David Ganek vs. Matt Komar, FBI etc. for fabricating evidence, ruining fund manager David Ganek and Level Global – costing them $4 billion, found in SDNY federal judge Pauley III’s court decision against Matt Komar, exposed in a 2nd Circuit court brief – reported by ReutersFortuneThe New York TimesWall Street JournalForbes, CNBC – David Ganek is an American hero.

FBI agent MATT KOMAR, THOMAS MCGUIRE, Mario Pisano, David Massey, Tracy Timbers, Franks Hearing, Richards Kibbe Orbe, Melissa Hodgman, Cheryl Crumpton, Steve Susswein, SEC

Rogue FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE (NY Bar registration #3020781), a racist who’s totally confused between China and Chinatown, is an uneducated moron who daydreamed about normal market activities in false affidavits, also lied extensively under oath. FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE is a repeat lawbreaker who at least twice was previously exposed in United States Vs. Metter and United States Vs. Jean-Pierre Neuhaus for manufacturing evidence.

“Who should I believe [between two FBI agents’ sworn testimony]?…it wasn’t a fog of memory… FBI Agent Thomas McGuire was prepped… It was a specific memory inconsistent with what Agent Thomas McGuire had testified to.” 

– Federal Judge Alison Nathan said in a post Franks Hearing (Feb 17, 2017).

FBI Agent THOMAS MCGUIRE, MATT KOMAR, Mario Pisano, David Massey, Tracy Timbers, Richards Kibbe Orbe, Daniel Zinman, William Uchimoto, Jeffrey Bloom, Robert Colby, FINRA, Ed Knight, Nasdaq

DAVID MASSEY, a fraudulent and racist former SDNY prosecutor was called out as the liar behind fabricating a nonexistent Nasdaq listing rule. David Massey’s current employer, the tiny Richards, Kibbe & Orbe is deeply conflicted from double-dipping William Uchimoto, a Japanese American hero also ruined by David Massey‘s fake story. The Franks Hearing was reported by New York Law JournalLaw 360. These shady government gents have murdered David Ganek and Benjamin Wey’s Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights. To cover up their fabricated DOJ cases, they attempted but failed to muzzle free speech and assassinate Benjamin Wey and David Ganek’s First Amendment rights.

William Uchimoto, Bill Uchimoto, Daniel Zinman, Dan Uchimoto, David Genek, Level Global, Melissa Hodgman, Cheryl Crumpton, Stephanie Avakian, Steven Susswein, Derek Bentsen, Joshua Braunstein

ED KNIGHT, the NASDAQ Stock Market general counsel known as BERNIE MADOFF’s lawyer when the Ponzi scheme master criminal Bernie Madoff was NASDAQ’s Chairman, is the false witness behind the government’s false accusations against David Ganek and Benjamin Wey. Read more: INVESTIGATIONS: HOW NASDAQ’S WILLIAM SLATTERY, FINRA’S ROBERT COLBY LIED TO THE FBI, DUPED THE GOVERNMENT.


In 2011, the NASDAQ rigged the delisting of a China-based wind power company CleanTech Innovations. Ed Knight was sued for racial discrimination, announced in a press release by the late U.S. senator Arlen Specter, CleanTech’s counsel.

“NASDAQ delisted CleanTech Innovations to send a message to the world, it’s not open season for the 1.4 billion Chinese to cheat on the NASDAQ,”

Ed Knight directed NASDAQ staff MICHAEL EMEN, William Slattery and GARY SUNDICK to make racist remarks on the record, until the SEC had enough. In a 2013 landmark ruling – the first time in NASDAQ’s 44-year history, the Securities and Exchange Commission reversed NASDAQ’s wrongful delisting and condemned the NASDAQ as a racist organization. Read more: ED KNIGHT, NASDAQ GENERAL COUNSEL CAUGHT IN RIGGING NASDAQ LISTING SCANDAL.

“[T]he record does not show that the specific grounds on which Nasdaq based its delisting decision exist in fact,” concluded the SEC, reported by Forbes. Facing the humiliating defeat, Ed Knight retaliated, vowed to nuke SEC chair Mary Jo White, and lied to New York Southern District federal prosecutors in 2015 about a trumped-up “Nasdaq 300 round lot shareholder rule violation,” and duped former prosecutor DAVID MASSEY, as well as misled SDNY prosecutors SARAH EDDY, MICHAEL FERRARA, AIMEE HECTOR, BROOKE CUCINELLA, IAN MCGINLEY.

Read more: David Massey, Tiny Richards Kibbe Orbe Law Firm Permeated with Fraud

TRACY TIMBERS, DAVID MASSEY, RICHARDS KIBBE ORBE, Jon Kibbe, Lee Richards, Bill Orbe, Daniel Zinman, Rowan Gaither, Margaret Meyers, William Uchimoto, RKO

On August 12, 2016, the malicious FBI rogue agents MATT KOMAR, THOMAS MCGUIRE, DAVID MASSEY were slammed in a federal court filing for repeatedly cheating and lying to Magistrate Judge Michael Dolinger… intentionally manipulated the trading data… repeatedly defrauded the court. These reckless liars make “a mockery of the notion that Americans enjoy the protection of due process of the law.”


In March 2017, SDNY federal judge Robert Sweet DISMISSED a frivolous class action lawsuit which had been brought on exactly the same grounds of the made-up SEC, DOJ cases, vindicated Benjamin Wey and others. The fraudulent SEC staffer Melissa Hodgman was exposed as engaging in a racist fraud against Benjamin Wey.

MELISSA HODGMAN, CHERYL CRUMPTON, STEVEN SUSSWEIN, PATRICK FEENEY, DEREK BENTSEN, Joshua Braunstein, SEC, Daniel Zinman, Stephanie Tsay, Rowan Gaither, Margaret Meyers, William Uchimoto, RKO, Richards Kibbe

On March 27, 2017, SDNY federal judge P. Kevin Castel DISMISSED the SEC’s manufactured case against Mr. Wey’s so-called “co-conspirator” – renowned lawyer William Uchimoto (a key SEC witness for CleanTech against the NASDAQ). Mr. Uchimoto has filed a Rule 11 sanctions motion against the SEC abusers for “committed a fraud,” quoted in “Ex-Big Law Partner Still Angry After SEC Fraud Claims Tossed” by New York Law Journal. The disgraced SEC bureaucrat Melissa Hodgman was caught fabricating the Uchimoto case, lying to the DOJ and getting a job promotionOn May 2, 2017, a federal judge ordered the NASDAQ to produce hidden documents that would vindicate Benjamin Wey, reported by Law360.

Read more: MELISSA HODGMAN, Racist SEC Enforcement Staffer Wants Pay Raise, Not the Truth

When Prosecutors Lie, Cheat, Steal, American Hero David Ganek Fights Back for All Americans

Sued for $4 billion: Rogue FBI agents Thomas McGuire, Matt Komar fraud exposed

Told in a Fortune magazine interview, fund manager DAVID GANEK launched a lawsuit against the FBI, the prosecutors, the rogue FBI agents MATT KOMAR, THOMAS MCGUIRE, among others for violating his constitutional rights. A federal judge allowed the lawsuit to proceed. The Wall Street Journal supported Mr. Ganek’s crusade with an explosive Opinion piece, revealing government abusers at the SDNY: Unfinished Preet Bharara Business.

A Justice Department spokesman said any judicial finding of misconduct must be reported to authorities in Washington headquarters. After that, the department’s Office of Professional Responsibility typically launches an investigation, in secret, into prosecutors and FBI agents’ alleged misconduct.

“Between 2014 and 2016, DOJ closed 71 cases. Fifty (or 71%) of them resulted in findings of intentional misconduct or bad judgment by federal prosecutors and FBI agents.”

“This is a situation that really cries out for an independent investigation into the prosecutors and FBI agents’ misconduct,” legal observers said. “I find it shocking that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and the FBI haven’t yet fired rogue FBI agents Matt Komar, Thomas McGuire.”

Read more: Fund manager David Ganek sues FBI, lying FBI agents Matt Komar, Thomas McGuire etc

Fake Chinese spy Professor Xiaoxing Xi: I sued the FBI agents for falsifying evidence

On May 11, 2017, Temple University physics professor XIAOXING XI, 59, sued rogue FBI agent ANDREW HAUGEN for falsifying evidence in a botched FBI investigation and a dropped indictment. Professor Xi, a well-known Chinese American physicist was indicted in 2015 on espionage charges. He was accused of sharing an American “secret” – a “heat meter” with Chinese scientists.

Professor Xiaoxing Xi’s lawsuit against the rogue FBI agent ANDREW HAUGEN is here: Professor Xiaoxing Xi Sues FBI agent Andrew Haugen, Others.

Professor Xiaoxing Xi, Sued FBI agent Andrew Haugen, FBI agent Thomas McGuire, agent Matt Komar, David Massey, Tracy Timbers, Daniel Zinman, Richards Kibbe Orbe, Melissa Hodgman, SEC, Ed Knight, Nasdaq,

It turns out, the FBI agents and the poorly educated prosecutors got it totally wrong. The “secretive” American heat meter Professor Xi allegedly disclosed to the Chinese is a household product bought from Home Depot. Agent Andrew Haugen knowingly falsified evidence and fabricated a case to skin a Chinese scalp.

Over a period of 10 months, from 2014-2015, at least three federal criminal indictments of Chinese-American scientists were dismissed prior to any trial. This includes dismissal of the cases against Professor Xi (case dismissed in September 2015), Sherry Chen, a hydrologist with the U.S. National Weather Service in Ohio (case dismissed in March 2015), and Guoqing Cao and Shuyu Li, senior biologists at Eli Lilly & Company (cases dismissed in December 2014).

“Professor Xi’s horror story draws parallel to the equally reckless behavior of rogue FBI agent MATT KOMAR and fraudulent FBI agent Thomas McGuire in New York.”

Rogue FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE,  lying, cheating, stealing

Rogue FBI agent MATT KOMAR falsified evidence against financiers DAVID GANEK and Benjamin Wey, was promoted to a job in Cleveland, Ohio, riding on the scalps of DAVID GANEK and BENJAMIN WEY.

But the malicious FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE is far worse.

“Born in Austria, whose wife is Swedish, the fraudulent FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE (NY Bar registration #3020781) has ZERO experience in Chinese business practices, is unable to distinguish between China and Chinatown.”

Research shows the Rogue FBI agent THOMAS MCGUIRE had a largely failed, pathetic career in the private sector before he started collecting a paycheck as a FBI rookie.

Read more: Rare New York Franks Hearing Exposes Rogue FBI Agent Matt Komar, Thomas McGuire lies, fraud, falsified evidence

FBI AGENT THOMAS MCGUIRE, FBI AGENT MATT KOMAR, MARIO PISANO, Professor Xiaoxing Xi, lawsuit, FBI misconduct, David Massey, Tracy Timbers, Ricahrds Kibbe Orbe, Ed Knight Nasdaq

At press time, the disgraced FBI agents Matt Komar and Thomas McGuire have been blasted as liars and fraudsters in court filings. Former SDNY prosecutor David Massey left the government before the hailstorm and joined a tiny New York law firm Richards, Kibbe & Orbe, making well over $1 million a year for himself after ruining financier Benjamin WeyRead more: DAVID MASSEY, SHADY RICHARDS KIBBE ORBE LAWYER LOVES MONEY, TRASHES CLIENTS BEST INTEREST.

The Wild Bees and the beehive: the David Massey, Tracy Timbers family Frauds

Profiting from selling Asian scalps, the creepy DAVID MASSEY and his FINRA wife TRACY TIMBERS bought a multi-million-dollar house in Connecticut in August 2016 with illicit profits, according to public records. The Tracy Timbers and David Massey home is a luxurious mansion with a “leaked” swimming pool – dripping with Benjamin Wey’s blood – whose life was literally ruined by Tracy Timbers and David Massey’s falsified case.

“TRACY TIMBERS and DAVID MASSEY’S untold scandals and legal troubles have run afoul of the law for more than a decade.”

It appears the bad blood may flow deep in the Tracy Timbers, David Massey defective genes prone to fraud, lies and regulatory abuses. One glaring controversy ensnared JOHN W TIMBERS, David Massey’s notorious father-in-law. JOHN W TIMBERS was banned in Connecticut and New York for practicing law without a license. Tracy Timbers has failed to have her old man reinstated. The Connecticut ban has since spewed out of control. Online searches of the New York Bar Association similarly confirmed JOHN W. TIMBERS has been suspended in New York as well for at least 12 years. The public records are here:

JOHN W TIMBERS, TRACY TIMBERS, DAVID MASSEY, Marilyn Timbers, Adair R Masey, Joe B Massey, barred, Fraud, Daniel Zinman, Lee Ricahrds, Jon Kibbe, Bill orbe, Rowan Gaither, Margaret Meyers, Stephanie Tsay, RKO

JOHN W. TIMBERS, TRACY TIMBERS, JP Morgan, DAVID MASSEY, AUSA, Ricahrds Kibee Orbe, RKO, banned, law practice, Daniel Zinman, Rowan Gaither, Margaret Meyers, Stephanie Tsay, Jeffrey Bloom, FINRA, Ed Knight, Nasdaq

As these regulatory rapists and abusers enjoy the pleasures of life, the reputation of innocent people was violently raped. David Massey’s law practice is revealed as an outfit permeated with fraud.

“Government misconduct undercuts the faith that we ask our society to put in our justice system,” said Kobie Flowers, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “When FBI agents lie, cheat, steal and get caught, they must be held accountable. If not, the U.S. government is no better than Vladimir Putin’s Russia or Kim Jong-un’s North Korea.”

To be continued…

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