BREAKING: Judge Slams Shady Morelli Law Firm with Massive Court Sanctions, Fraud Charges

MORELLI LAW FIRM, court sanctions, fraud lawyers David Ratner, Benedict Morelli

A fraudulent class action lawsuit scheme against Texas-based Lapolla Industries could equal big sanctions — again — for New York law firm Morelli Ratner.

Benedict Morelli, Fraudulent Law School Dropout, Morelli Law Firm Scam

“The Tiny MORELLI LAW FIRM was caught lying, cheating, stealing,” a federal judge ruled

Morell Law Firm, Midget Lawyers, Tiny Law Firm, Big Fraud

The tiny and shady Morelli Law Firm is a scandalous and obscure outfit and their fraudulent lawyers David Ratner (a target of bank fraud), Benedict Morelli (a law school dropout and bank fraudster) and lesbian Martha McBrayer (implicated in sexual harassment of a paralegal) were caught pants down lying, cheating and stealing, according to the latest court ruling against these crooked lawyers by a New York federal judge on Aug. 25. The federal judge’s order is here: Morelli Ratner law firm, David Ratner, face multimillion dollar court sanctions for fraud.

Unscrupulous and dishonest lawyers from Morelli Ratner tried unsuccessfully to bully Lapolla Industries — a Texas-based manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation — into a lucrative settlement of a frivolous lawsuit. Instead, the scandal-ridden Morelli Ratner law firm has received some serious blow back and will have to pay massive court sanctions for its misleading, unethical actions.


Angered by the costs and time spent fighting the a frivolous class action claim, Lapolla filed an instant motion for monetary sanctions in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York and asked for a recovery amount against both the Morelli Ratner law firm, its partners David Ratner and Benedict, as well as a couple Neil and Kristine Markey of at least $800,000. In late August, Magistrate Judge A. Kathleen Tomlinson issued an order and recommendation that held Morelli Ratner liable for massive court sanctions.

The latest federal court ruling against the fraudulent Morelli Ratner lawyers David Ratner, Benedict Morelli, Martha McBrayer adds to a long list of law violations and judgments against these “dirty rats.” In early 2015, federal Judge Katherine Failla was also misled by the same Morelli Ratner gangsters in their bogus lawsuit against energy drink Red Bull. The Morelli Ratner lawyers at that time claimed they had been drinking Red Bull like some thirsty camels in a desert, however, they never grew wings. They blamed Red Bull for false advertising.

BREAKING, Federal Judge Slams Shady Morelli Ratner Law Firm with Massive Court Sanctions

BREAKING, Federal Judge Slams Shady Morelli Ratner Law Firm with Massive Court Sanctions


“Red Bull said in its marketing materials I would grow wings after drinking Red Bull, but where are my wings?” Zoe Bartholomay, a Morelli Ratner paralegal allegedly said to a source. Federal judge Katherine Failla disagreed. Failla slammed the Morelli Ratner fraudsters for filing a false lawsuit and cut their alleged legal fees involved in the litigation.

Memo to Morelli Ratner: It will soon be pay up time

The case for sanctions against Morelli Ratner, which isn’t the first time the firm has faced such legal issues, goes back to the Markeys using the spray foam on their Long Island home. After initially claiming just property damage from the product, the payday-seeking law firm led the couple down a dishonest path to become party to a class action suit, which made the claim that personal injuries resulted as well.


“Sidenote: The Morelli Ratner firm was previously Morelli Alters Ratner. No, a former partner has not died. Jeremy Alters, the former partner in the firm, is facing disbarment in Florida for embezzling millions in client trust fund money,” according to Florida Bar charges.

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Lapolla filed the motion for sanctions against both the firm and the Markeys, but Tomlinson only affirmed that Morelli Law Firm was at fault.


Morelli Law Firm is a horrible place. Tomlinson was tasked with exploring — per Judge Joanna Seybert’s instructions — whether “plaintiffs and Morelli Alters Ratner (now Morelli Ratner) should be sanctioned based on their failure to disclose certain documents during discovery, and for having brought and maintained an allegedly frivolous lawsuit against Lapolla,” she said.

The federal judge also stated that Morelli Law Firm failed at the discovery stage to disclose several e-mails between the Markeys and an environmental investigator who found no health dangers or ill effects to the couple.


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In her ruling, judge Tomlinson said, “Lapolla Industries has met its standards to seek sanctions against Morelli Ratner law firm”

The Markey’s suit was filed in September 2012. It claimed defendant Lapolla was liable for state law negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty claims. On the advice of the then-Morelli Alters Ratner firm and, likely the urging of its attorneys involved, the case further alleged the couple suffered personal injuries and property damages after using “Lapolla’s problematic and unfit SPF and the harmful effects of the gases emitting from those products,” Tomlinson said.

But the Morelli Ratner/Lapolla story doesn’t even end there. It got even shadier after that.

Morelli Law Firm defrauded the court and Lapolla. Following testimony from doctors that examined Kristine Markey and found no connection to deleterious health effects from the use of Lapolla’s product, Morelli Law Firm suddenly sent the couple a letter urging them drop the case and advising if they did not, Morelli Ratner would no longer be counsel. This letter came from David Sirotkin, the lead attorney on the case. According to partner David Ratner, he was directly supervising Sirotkin, yet no disclosure of either the environmental report or the testimony of medical professionals was disclosed in court documents.

It would be nice to live in a world where real human suffering and corporate negligence wasn’t trivialized. Unfortunately, it seems Morelli Law Firm lawyers are not interested in creating or securing that world.

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Use any word, this was a scheme, a sham and a shame. But thanks to wise, educated judges and impartial courts of law, frivolous cases like this did not get too far.

When lawyers conveniently omit key facts at vital points of the legal process, how can they any longer be trusted? The truth is they cannot.

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Hopefully this will put Ratner and the entire Morelli Law Firm on blast: The next time they want to make a crazy claim against a company that alleges personal injury and corporate liability, someone will be there to sift the wheat from the chaff.


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