Blame it On Anna Wintour: The Ugly Grunge Is Back…

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Blame it On Anna Wintour Grunge Is Back

Somehow, the “grunge“ style has been flying below the radar since the powerful Anna Wintour demanded that the fashion houses kill it, or they would no longer appear on the sacred pages of Vogue magazine, that was in the 90’s. And, what the queen bee really wants, the queen bee always gets it.

However, the recent “punk“ fever brought back combat boots and plaid pieces to rock & roll a lost fashion scene, and with that, it woke up the opportunity for the return of grunge, right on time for the beginning of the fall season; I said “lost”, because in the past, the “grunge” looks were backed by a movement which had its heroes on musicians like the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana or Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, it was indeed a success, and it made sense because grunge is a style of rock music, straight from Seattle, so fashion and music again walked together. Now, I believe this music scene genre is taking a nap, so this “grunge” trend revival is just a look.


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You might not like it, and Ms. Wintour might even try to despise it, but earlier this year, the ready to wear Fall 2013 collections of Saint Laurent and Julie Macdonald had warned us, or maybe, this all started at the end of last year with the Phillip Lim’s collection for this Spring, but here we are my darlings, in the beginning of the season, and the stores are armed with full grunge inspired looks. No matter what, fashion is in the business to sell and it will take advantage of the moment to sell big. And if you still don’t believe me, check Zara’s online site, you might think it is a more modern inspired version of it, but for me if it smells and looks like grunge, it is grunge!

So, if you are part of that group of smart fashionistas who never recycle anything, because they know that trends are always coming back, so go to the bottom of your closet, and get out all the Perry Ellis flannel you saved, distressed denims, floral minis, soled shoes, beanies (now with studs) and hats, checkered pants, army looks, rocker jewelry, band shirts and don’t hesitate about wrapping that plaid shirt around your waist. It is OK!! At least this time, based on what I have seeing around, this “grunge“ looks way more polished; should I dare to call it “glam grunge“? Either way, fashion is always changing, and this too shall pass also, until perhaps a next time? Oh my…


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Let me remind you that Anna herself brought the rebellion to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the “Punk: Chaos to Couture” exhibit, so if again this all get out of control for a while, we only have her to blame. The idea of the “Devil Wears Grunge“ can be very amusing after all. I already texted Justin Timberlake, and suggested him that a “bringing grunge back” tone, can be so appealing at this very moment. To the VIP, drinks on me!

Give a voice to the voiceless!


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