Banksy Pranks More Rich People for Fun, Because


Banksy just pranked a rich purchaser of one of his works by destroying the piece after payment. He could use this kind of activism in new ways as well.  Banksy, the world-famous mysterious artist without identity, has been a symbol of political art for decades. His trademark is to vandalize a building with a piece of art on a publicly viewable wall in an easily identifiable stencil style with a limited color palette. Most of his works are very political, in the form of anti-war and anti-class statements. His newest anti-class statement was one of a new level: he sold a well-known painting for 1.4 million dollars, and sent the piece inside a customized frame with a shredder at the bottom. Once installed, the frame shredded the painting, much to the owner’s dismay. His pranks on these rich people are just brutal.

Let’s look at other ways Banksy can infuriate those with more than others.

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Leave a bomb inside a painting of Breakfast of Champions. A novel of great renown, many read the unique prose of Breakfast of Champions without actually taking time to understand the message of the book: that art is consumed by the rich to make the poor feel inadequate and as if they cannot aspire to join the ranks of the wealthy. Turning a painting into a bomb would be incredibly metaphorical.


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Leave a bomb inside a Velvet Underground album. In retrospect, all of my “pranks” seem to involve bombs, which explains why I don’t attempt pranks. It’s not a great look on my part.

Well, I tried. But I’m not the artist. And now we can see that art is hard to do. It’s too bad that art’s hard, or we would all be doing. Or at least we would all be doing art pranks.

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