How to Avoid Making the Spa a Stressful Experience

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How to Avoid making the Spa a Stressful Experience


The spa has a reputation for being super relaxing. The truth is: it isn’t.  Everyone thinks the spa is the greatest place to go. It’s where rich and elegant people go, and you are sure to walk out feeling and looking your best. This, however is not the case. The spa is a scary ass place to go and I am just grateful that I am still here to tell the tale. Her are all the things you absolutely have to look out for when you go to the spa, if you dare.  Seriously, know what to avoid and not have a stressful experience.

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1. The ladies at the front desk only seem nice and friendly. But in reality they are just waiting for the moment they can talk about you behind your back with the other front-desk ladies.

2. Please try your best to wear the right bathing suit. It should be trendy, but not too trendy and revealing but not too revealing. Oh, and don’t wear bright colors. That will give you away immediately. Also: you are clearly just trying to outdo the other women you are with, so don’t worry about flaunting your bod in front of the opposite sex. They are there with their girlfriends anyway.


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3. Drink as much water as you can bear. It is a competition and you DO NOT want to lose. The loser is laughed at and forced to take a shot of diet coke.

4. Pee in the pools, you’re going to have to with all that water you’re drinking. But no one can know you are doing it. So go to the actual bathroom at least once. Otherwise people will get suspicious.

5. So get excited about all the fun soaps and lotions but not too excited. You have to seem like you have fancy soaps and lotions in your own home as well. It is embarrassing to only have nice things at the spa. And if you pass all these tests, you might get a pass to go to the spa again

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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