At 30, Indochine Still Shines

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Once in a while, I hear people complaining that New York has lost some of its allure. My first reaction is to think that they have never been to Indochine.

If they have never experienced that restaurant’s food and its exciting ambience, then they don’t know how magic and special New York is. Everybody has an Indo-chic story .

Last Friday, a horde of the most fashionable and beautiful crowd in the city patiently waited in line to step on the red carpet outside the restaurant to enter its 30th anniversary bash. It only seems like it was yesterday that I was on my way to its 25th anniversary! Time indeed flies. This time around, the celebration bash thrown by MAC reunited all the elements for a perfect party: great music, perfectly mixed crowd, delicious hors d’oeuvres served nonstop, a real open bar, gorgeous dancers, drama, chaos and glamour.

Indochine owner, Jean-Marc Houmard.
Indochine owner Jean-Marc Houmard.

Owner Jean-Marc Houmard stood on the other side of the red carpet greeting his guests. Cool, calm and chic, Houmard is an extraordinary man who holds the secrets to why Indochine is still a success after so many years, from when it was owned by Brian McNally. Great food, stylish décor, amazing staff and management are part of the many ingredients why this restaurant is “the ultimate fashion/art/film/media/music/society clubhouse,” as Peter Davis of The Daily Front Row said.

For them, Indochine is home. I believe that besides all those ingredients mentioned above, Indochine is also a success because of its floor format, which helps immensely on the fact that people love to see who is there and, of course, to be seen. Do I need to say that the lighting at Indochine makes everybody look just beautiful? It is all a delicious fantasy that people also believe that you are somebody if you are there … And following the same concept of the photo board wall at the entrance, where famous faces are displayed with no need for names, please enjoy the glamorous shaken and stirred faces of some of those who attended this great party:

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Give a voice to the voiceless!

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