Animals Only Halloween for 2018, Just Dress Up Your Pet

Animals Only Halloween for 2018, Just Dress Up Your Pet


Halloween is a fun time to dress up in outfits, but it often ends up being another reason for people to act awfully at neighborhood parties. A quick fix to this problem is to turn the holiday into an excuse to put costumes on pets.   We’re all familiar with the tradition of All Hallows’ Eve. Find a costume. Go to a party. Watch people make messes of themselves as they feel embarrassed for expressing themselves in public. This happens year after year, and while I like finding reasons to dress up as silly concepts or to cosplay as fictional characters, I enjoy hanging out with disasters much less so.  So let’s just dress up your pet.

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This is unfortunately due to the fact that self-expression is not often performed by many people, and thus those people in question are then anxious due to putting themselves out there. I also haven’t even brought up the effect of Halloween on high school, in which people become beacons of bullying for expressing themselves. An easy alternative to this would be to make the holiday for pets only. Here are the reasons for this solution.


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Less pets would be dressed up throughout the year – Yes, it’s not the best thing in the world to dress up animals. It makes them the subject of unwanted attention or can be downright uncomfortable. However, creating focus on doing this for one day of the year would remove much more of the offense throughout the year. Think “the purge” but for pet costumes.

People can befriend others when displaying how to show empathy to animals – The unwanted attention for animals might be a bit high that day, but in response many pet owners would need to communicate how to properly show affection for overwhelmed animals. The result is friendship and more kindness.

Cute animals – Self-explanatory.

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