Expert Advice for What You Should Do When Feeling Depressed

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Advice for What You Should Do When Feeling Depressed


Depressed. Not a big deal. Everyone feels it once in a while.

As someone who has experienced depression, I realize that not everyone has the privilege of accessing mental health services. Not everyone knows what mental health is.  So here is some solid advice.  Quite a lot of people are depressed but unaware of his condition that he is feeling depressed. There are also cases where a person realizes he is depressed but does not know what to do.  For those of you who have experienced persistent symptoms of sadness accompanied by some indication of clinical depression for two weeks, then it’s good to start giving time to yourself to pause and think of ways to get out of the depression hole.

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  1. Give yourself time

Sometimes depression is associated with burn out or too much work and activity. Giving a day off, two days or even a week is good for mental health. In the midst of this super busy world, our brain never stops taking breaks. In fact, occasionally allowing ourselves to do nothing is very important.


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Do hobbies, meditation, yoga, family, reading cerbung, praying, coloring adult coloring book or visiting tourist attractions, spiritual centers, and other activities. Pampering is not a sin, especially in an age filled with demands of life.

Ask yourself,

“When was the last time I had such a fun activity?”

“When was my last time doing my hobby?”

“When was my last laugh?”

If you have given yourself time to rest, but still experience the sadness and symptoms of other clinical depression. It’s time to take a more serious step by visiting a psychologist.

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  1. Away the sport

Maybe we’re fed up with this invitation. But exercise is a powerful way to improve our mood. Sport is not only related to physical aspect, but also psychological aspect. By doing sports, we become more excited and better sleep quality.

When depressed, it is easy to think of ourselves as a useless person and unable to finish anything. With exercise, we get a sense of achievement. The sweat becomes proof that we can do something. Finally, we are content with ourselves and eager to do other things.

  1. Improve consumption patterns

It is common knowledge that psychological conditions can affect diet. Depression can make us overeat or eat very rarely. Therefore, we need to be aware of our dietary changes and return as usual.

In addition, many studies have shown that eating healthy foods can improve our mood. For example, eating complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, nuts and vegetables, can make our mood better and stable.

Conversely, simple carbohydrates like, soda and cake will make our mood rise for a moment, but come down again with lightning.

There are so many foods that can help us fight depression. The two most important thing is the consumption of omega 3 and yogurt.

Omega 3 can restore some of our brain’s shrinking function due to depression. While yogurt can help us to maximize gut-brain axis associated with depression.

  1. Stories to those you trust

If visiting a psychologist is still alien and awkward, then you can tell your sadness to a friend you trust. Find friends who can reasonably understand you without giving judgment that you are less grateful.


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If the person you trust issues a painful statement, try to understand that he has never experienced depression. Stop telling him and do not have to argue with him or blame him for not understanding.

  1. Learn more about depression

Visit an educational website that raises issues around mental health. Educate yourself on various mental health issues.  Follow this advice!  If you are feeling depressed, these are very helpful steps.

Reassure yourself that experiencing mental health disorders is like experiencing physical pain. Tell yourself that “it’s okay to ask for help” because just like a broken bone, depression can not heal by just praying.

Try to understand the difference between depression and sadness. Try to understand the symptoms of depression more deeply. Try reading articles on how to help yourself during depression.  This advice could really help anyone feeling depressed.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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