Actor Adam Scott is Underrated, Confessions on Love, Sex

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Actor Adam Scott is Underrated, Confessions on Love, Sex

Adam Scott is a great actor with a huge potential for greater success in life. The year was 1973. The city, Santa Cruz. I want to say that Santa Cruz was a mining town at the time, because it sounds good, but I have no actual evidence to back that claim up. No matter — on April 3 of that year, a beacon of light shone down on the city, blasted from above by none other than the ghost of Dumbledore himself — and Adam Scott was born.

“Who is Adam Scott?” you may ask. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself,” I will respond. Scott is only, like, one of the greatest, most amazingest character actors of recent memory. He’s one of those guys who always looks so familiar, but you can’t place him. And then, you might get him confused with Adam Scott, Australian Golfer Extraordinaire, who is, like, constantly stealing Adam Scott, Character Actor Extraordinaire’s, thunder, but you shouldn’t. No offense to the latter but Aussie Adam Scott is smokin’ and can get it.


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I’m actually super into Adam Scott the actor, as a person with a craft or whatever, which never happens because I’m the equivalent of a horny 13-year-old boy fresh off his first wet dream. And even though an MTV movie starring Monica taught me to never trust a man with two first names, Adam Scott is an exception. You really should be paying attention to him by now. He deserves more rabid fans hounding his every move, and stalking him from the shadows. And I want to give that to him, and I want you to give that to him, so allow me to offer proof of his awesomeness.

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Party Down

“Party Down” was one of those amazing, critically adored shows that nobody bothered paying attention to. Even though it was short lived, “Party Down” collected a bunch of character actors that you never remember the names of, made them cater waiters, and allowed shenanigans to ensue. Highlights include an appearance by Patrick Duffy of “Step by Step” fame as a jilted lover, white ladies named Rihanna, and Megan Mullally in an early-era Kate Gosselin wig off her tits on coke. Also, Scott’s character dates Lizzy Caplan’s character, and that is something that I was really invested in. Are we having fun yet?

Parks & Rec

If you’re a normal, breathing human being, you probably know Scott as one half of Pawnee’s greatest power couple who, by the way, would be totally insane and murder-inducing in real life. I actually assumed Scott was a one-note scowly faced actor from watching “Party Down,” but his ability to bring chic to Ben Wyatt’s geek is impressive and it makes my heart swell. Even if we can never forgive Ben for not understanding Lil’ Sebastian’s whip appeal.


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He’s BFFs With Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd


He and Jon Hamm have double dates with their significant others! He and Paul Rudd have literally been friends for decades! So, like, Scott was probably friends with Rudd when he was being all dreamy and broody in “Clueless,” and how could anyone ever find fault in that?

He’s Literally Been in All of Your Favorite Movies

Including “Step Brothers,” “Knocked Up,” “Piranha 3D” — which was golden, by the way — and everyone’s favorite, “Monster-in-Law.” JK, that was a joke. But he was in it, because he has mouths to feed, and there’s no shame in starring in a Jennifer Lopez vehicle when you’ve got mouths to feed. Especially when that movie is “Enough,” which does not star Scott, but does star Lopez in what is practically an Oscar-worthy performance. Scott’s also good at drama, and he had a pretty great turn in “The Vicious Kind,” which is a film I watched one time when I was super busy refusing to leave my house, as I do. His Hair Is Voluminous and Therefore Probably Full of Secrets

Enough said.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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